Young Named Eastern Region Operations Coordinator

Young has already assumed her new role as Eastern Region Operations Coordinator.

Extraordinary Conceptions recently announced that it has appointed Kristine Young as their Eastern Region Operations Coordinator for their new North Carolina office. Young has already assumed her new role.

Young officially relocated from Extraordinary Conceptions’ dynamic West Coast headquarters in Southern California and said she is eager to help move the company forward as it officially branches out in the eastern portion of the nation.

“My mission is to expand our reach to fertility clinics, intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. I will be networking with industry professionals and connecting with young women and moms in the Eastern region of the United States to educate them on the wonderful experience of egg donation and surrogacy,” Young said.

Young, who has earned her MBA, has been with the company for more than two years and has served as Extraordinary Conceptions’ financial controller on the West Coast. With a strong business acumen Young enjoys a business challenge and cultivating new goals.

“I am really looking forward to the new things I will learn and the people I will meet,” she said.  “I have seen just about everything and have been involved in the incredible growth of not only our organization but the industry as a whole.”

Young believes that what separates Extraordinary Conceptions in terms of its competitors is passion. In fact, the company’s passion is what drives them each and every day and what enables them to be a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency.

“Many of us have been surrogates, egg donors, and our founders had their twins through surrogacy,” Young said. She added, “Additionally, by having remote offices in the Midwest and Eastern regions, we are able to reach many more individuals and families who can benefit from having a more localized experience without having to travel as far.”

Having a location in the East Coast also means that Extraordinary Conceptions can exceed the needs of their intended parents, donors, surrogates and physicians. A closer proximity can help ensure a smoother process and third-party reproductive journey. Their international intended parents may also find the new Eastern office a welcome, as well.

Young said while being available via phone and email, she also has travel plans on her business agenda to meet with prospective intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates who want to learn more about the immense opportunities at Extraordinary Conceptions.

After all, everyone deserves the love of a child.

To contact Young, she can be reached at [email protected] or at (910) 459-2703. For those wanting to reach Young by post, they can do so at 521 Yopp Road, Ste. 214 #319, Jacksonville, NC 28540. To learn more about Extraordinary Conceptions, please visit their website at