Hybrid Surrogacy Programs

We understand that the laws in several countries don’t allow surrogacy and/or the wait time for a surrogate is long and unpredictable, therefore we are proud to offer our Hybrid Surrogacy Program. Our Hybrid program allows our international clients to undergo IVF with their own eggs or an egg donor, closer to home, with no wait for a surrogate match. All of our surrogates in the Hybrid program reside in the USA and we have partnered with IVF clinics in Canada, the UK and other locations across Europe where your surrogate will travel to for her embryo transfer. Afterwards, she will return home to continue her pregnancy and to give birth in the US state where she resides.


  • We have partnered with experienced and first-class clinics across Canada, the UK and Europe to be able to provide this option to many of our international clients

  • A convenient way to keep part of the process closer to home!

  • No more worrying about match wait times – we have surrogates in the Hybrid program ready to help you reach your dreams, today

  • Surrogate compensation and agency fees have been reduced to further assist in keeping overall costs down

  • A safe, legal, cost-effective alternative to the full American program

  • We have partnered with attorneys across Canada and Europe to ensure an easy transition home with your baby

  • Surrogates in this program are required to meet the medical guidelines and criteria in the country where she will undergo her embryo transfer

  • Staff located in the UK, Europe and Canada work directly with our partnered clinics to ensure a smooth process

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