Choosing a Surrogacy Program: Your Path to Parenthood Explored

Selecting surrogate services can be a huge decision, but we’ve made it easy for you. With Extraordinary Conceptions, we offer an unrivaled surrogate matching service, hands-on support, and all of our essential family-building resources in one place. We’re here to help you every step of the way in your surrogate journey.

Choosing a Surrogacy Program

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we help countless families make their family-building dreams come true through our nationally-recognized surrogate mother service. Here, intended parents receive unwavering support, as well as all the resources they need to successfully choose a surrogate mother and bring new life into the world. While this journey is exciting, it is a life-changing one, and it can be fairly involved. This, while wonderful, can also be overwhelming for all involved. It’s critical to look for an agency that can support your needs and help you navigate this process best. Here at Extraordinary Conceptions, we have all the experience, reputation, and credentials necessary to provide you with a rewarding experience.

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Choosing Surrogate Parenting Services

Choosing the right surrogate parenting services is no small decision, and we recommend that you take your time in doing so. Aside from researching every potential agency, we also recommend that intended parents think about what they want from their service. For instance, some families might prefer to work with an agency where staff members speak their native tongue. For others, it might be important to choose an agency that offers additional services to their intended parents, surrogates and donors, like onsite insurance and travel specialists, access to LMFTs who specialize in fertility and family therapy and top-notch reproductive attorneys. Many intended parents also look for an agency that treats their surrogates and donors with respect. For instance, Extraordinary Conceptions offers surrogates a much larger and more comprehensive life insurance policy than other agencies.

How to Choose a Surrogacy Program

Choosing between surrogacy services can be overwhelming. This is why it’s so important to do plenty of research before officially deciding on surrogate parenting services.
To ensure a safe and stress-free experience, consider the following factors when choosing your surrogate mother program.

  • Qualifications
    A reputable surrogate matching service will have a surrogacy agency license and comply with FDA and ASRM guidelines. Don’t be afraid to ask all of your questions!

  • Experience
    We recommend that you work with a well-regarded and experienced surrogate mother service. Even a few years in the field will make an enormous difference. Some programs (like ours) have many staff members who have lived experience with surrogacy themselves, offering families an additional layer of support and understanding.

  • Value
    Every surrogate mother service comes with its own price tag, and you will find that your dollar goes much further with certain companies. We recommend that you work with an agency that offers proper surrogate screening and psychological care as a part of their package— this type of care is worth the investment.

  • Reputation
    When choosing a surrogate program, it’s crucial to do plenty of research on your potential agency. This can mean everything from reading testimonials and reviews to speaking with your doctor or other families who have used surrogates in the past.

Why Work with Extraordinary Conceptions?

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we understand how complex infertility can be—we’ve experienced it ourselves. Nearly two decades ago, after years of unsuccessful attempts at conception, our founders, Mario and Stephanie Caballero, worked with a surrogate to bring their now-adult twins to the world. Inspired by this journey and determined to help other families find success, they created Extraordinary Conceptions in 2005. Since then, we’ve been helping families make their dreams come true with surrogacy and egg donation. In the years since we’ve opened our doors, we’ve seen countless “miracle babies” grow up into happy and healthy young adults.

Now, we operate across the entirety of North America, Canada and Mexico, and Argentina to provide surrogate services worldwide—we even offer hybrid programs for families who require it. We would love to share our joy with your family, too.

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With us, parents can rest assured that they are working with an agency that understands their needs and experience. This understanding and empathy have formed the way we run our agency; we know what an enormous undertaking this journey can be, and we want to make it easy for parents. That’s why we provide access to as many services as you’ll need, from insurance specialists, travel coordinators and family therapists to recommendations for third-party IVF doctors and attorneys. We’ve also taken care to employ a multilingual staff to work with parents from all over the globe.

We are also pleased to offer our intended parents our exclusive S.A.F.E and Stress-Free Programs. The former stands for Single Agency Fee Experience and allows parents to use their fee for multiple surrogacy cycles, in some cases, if necessary to achieve positive results. The latter allows for parents only to pay a partial fee upfront. These programs are only available with Extraordinary Conceptions.

*Special Terms Apply

If you are ready to begin your surrogacy journey with us, you can register to become an Intended Parent today. We are also happy to answer any of your questions or address any concerns you might have. Simply give us a call. We are honored to be a part of your journey!

Surrogate Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We would never randomly assign a surrogate to intended parents. This is a massive and personal decision to be made by your family, not us. Your surrogacy program is here to support you, provide services and communication and facilitate a match—but we would never dream of taking that decision from you. It is yours to make.

We make matching with a surrogate straightforward! Once you register to become an intended parent, you can begin browsing our secure surrogate database right away—it’s available online 24/7. Once you find someone who suits your needs, let us know. We will facilitate a meeting and get the process moving! If it’s a match, you can move on to the next steps. If it isn’t, you can keep looking at our database until you find the perfect match that’s right for your family.

Absolutely! Candidates must legally meet several health and lifestyle requirements to even be considered as a surrogate. Once potential surrogates have confirmed eligibility, they must apply and undergo an extensive interview process before they can join our database. Once matched with a family, they will also undergo comprehensive medical and psychological screening.

This can vary based on individual circumstances, but it generally takes around 12 to 24 months from the initial consultation to the birth of the child. Factors such as surrogate matching, legal processes, medical procedures and personal preferences influence the timeline.

It is important to note that while US-based families can typically begin their surrogate journey right away, there is a longer wait in Canada. This is due to the local legislature: as Canadian surrogacy is altruistic (unpaid), there tends to be a smaller pool of surrogates and longer wait times. While this law means the timeline is longer for Canadian surrogacy, it is often a more cost-efficient option. We also offer lower cost programs in Mexico and Argentina.

Ideally, this won’t happen: Our matching and interview process was designed to ensure that families choose surrogates who align with their values and needs. However, issues and disagreements can potentially arise, even with a family and surrogate who get along well.

This is why it’s so helpful to work with a dedicated surrogate mother service. Agencies like Extraordinary Conceptions mediate discussions, promote understanding and encourage compromise to align expectations and foster a positive relationship.

Yes! We understand that cross-border surrogacy can be complex; it involves navigating varying laws, cultural norms and logistical challenges. This is why it’s so important to choose surrogacy services that have experience in managing international surrogacy (like us!) Extraordinary Conceptions provides expertise on international surrogacy, helping intended parents navigate varying laws and cultural nuances across different countries.

It’s important to consider ethics when embarking on your surrogacy journey. After all, it involves many human lives. This is where your surrogate services come in.

Services like Extraordinary Conceptions will help you navigate legal complexities and ensure that your legal contract protects all parties’ rights. Ethical considerations involve consent, compensation and ensuring the surrogate’s well-being. This is paramount! Agencies conduct thorough screenings, provide counseling, and establish comprehensive legal contracts that safeguard surrogates’ rights and ensure a positive and ethical journey.

Ethical handling of finances is a core principle at Extraordinary Conceptions. We always provide detailed breakdowns of costs and financial arrangements and work to make sure both surrogates and intended parents are protected by using legal trust services to collect and disperse funds.

Technically, no. Independent surrogacy is possible, but it is not recommended. It is a very complicated process to navigate without assistance. A surrogate matching service will streamline this process and help ensure success sooner and without stress.

A surrogate matching service goes well beyond pairing families with carriers. Your surrogacy program staff will support your family through every step of this process. Agencies provide everything that families need during this exciting (but complex) time: comprehensive support, legal guidance, emotional counseling, insurance and travel specialists and more. Not only does this support remove much of the stress and confusion from your surrogacy journey, but it also ensures that everything happens smoothly.

Read About Becoming an Intended Parent!

Take a look at what some of our own surrogates have said about their experience with Extraordinary Conceptions:

“Any “difficult” parts of the pregnancy were immediately erased the moment I saw the look on my Intended Parents’ faces. It was pure joy for all of us!”

“I just wanted to thank you guys for working so hard with us to make this happen! I feel so grateful being able to help such an awesome couple.”
“Seeing the parents hold their baby for the first time was the best part of my journey and I knew immediately that I wanted to do this again”
“Extraordinary Conceptions really made the process of surrogacy a wonderful one. Always making me feel comfortable and being there to answer every single question. Thank you for introducing me to my intended parents and letting me help make their dreams come true.”

We’re Honored to be Part of Your Journey!

Register to become an Intended Parent with Extraordinary Conceptions today, and someone from our team will be in touch with you very shortly. We are honored and excited to help you take the steps to making your family’s dreams come true.

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