Surrogacy Success Rates All You Need Guide in 2023

If your family is considering surrogacy as your path towards parenthood, you likely have many questions about the process. Many Intended Parents come to us with questions and concerns surrounding IVF & surrogacy success rates. We have the answers, experience, and support you need to move forward with this life-changing and exciting journey.  What is the Typical Surrogacy Embryo Transfer Success Rate? Many families who cannot conceive a child on their own choose to build their family through surrogacy. This form of fertility treatment involves a third-party (called a surrogate,) who gives birth to another family’s child. This child will have no genetic ties to the surrogate. Typically, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate through a procedure similar to IVF, with the sperm and egg of the Intended Parents or donors, depending on circumstances.  The surrogacy process is a rather involved one. Parents must carefully choose a surrogate (and potentially, egg or sperm donors) who they trust and get along with well. From there, there is a long road of preparation before the embryo transfer can happen. You can expect a full legal drafting process and extensive screening for your surrogate before implantation can happen.  After your surrogate undergoes her embryo transfer, there will be a two week waiting period before she can[...]

April 12, 2023|

How Much Does a Surrogate Cost for Intended Parents?

If your family is considering parenthood through surrogacy, you’re likely curious about what it costs. This number can vary greatly—but today, we are providing information about the general cost range of this process, and which elements affect the price.  How Much Does it Cost to Have a Surrogate? Surrogacy is a popular and well-regarded form of assisted reproduction. Due to the high demand and complex nature of surrogacy, there are fairly high costs associated with the process. However, there is not one concrete number in terms of surrogate cost. The price of your surrogacy experience will depend on several circumstances.  Is Every Surrogate Cost the Same?  Not at all. The average cost of surrogate services is a large ballpark number, and will depend on a number of factors. These include: Location Location plays a big role in surrogate cost. Due to the difference in legislation surrounding the procedure, your surrogate cost rates will be very different depending on what country, or even state you are in.  Surrogacy agreements are possible in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Of these three options, surrogacy typically costs the most in the United States. This is for two main reasons: health insurance costs, and differing laws. In the US, commercial surrogacy is legal and popular in many states. This[...]

March 31, 2023|

Adoption by LGBTQ+ Parents Policy & How it Works

Find the rights, how it works and even learn all you need to know about the pathway of LGBTQ parenting. Read more about donation, surrogacy and  adoption by LGBTQ+ parents & how it works now at Extraordinary Conceptions today.  Donation, Surrogacy and Adoption by LGBTQ+ Parents Policy Topic:How it Works 2023  There are all sorts of ways for LGBTQ+ couples to have children—and at Extraordinary Conceptions, we’ve been helping families come together this way for nearly two decades. It brings us so much joy to support the queer community and help more wonderful parents to raise amazing little humans! If you are just beginning to navigate the path to parenthood, welcome! We know that, while exciting, this is a complex time that requires a lot of decision-making. One of these major decisions is which route to take. Many children of queer couples are adopted, while others were conceived through third-party reproductive assistance, like sperm/egg donation, surrogacy, or a combination of both.  Once you’re ready to talk seriously about your family-building options, you can get in touch with our team. We’ll be able to speak with you in greater detail about your unique needs. In the meantime, we’ve broken down some of the basics for you here. Donation, Surrogacy, and Adoption by LGBTQ+ Parents: How[...]

March 11, 2023|

Egg Retrieval Surgery Process & Procedure | FAQS | 2023

Find out everything you need to know about the egg retrieval process. We can tell you the benefits, risks, recovery time and more. Let Extraordinary Conceptions answer your questions about IVF egg retrieval! What is an egg retrieval? Many families who struggle to conceive choose to work with an egg donor. These arrangements involve a donated egg, which is then fertilized and implanted either into the Intended Mother or a surrogate. In order to make this happen, donors undergo a simple procedure. This procedure is called an egg retrieval. This is one of the major steps in the overall egg donor process.  What does an egg retrieval procedure entail? The egg retrieval procedure is minimally-invasive, fairly straightforward, and is typically performed in an outpatient setting. However, donors typically receive general anesthesia for this procedure. You will be able to bring a companion along for this procedure.  The egg retrieval procedure itself takes around a half hour. As it is minimally invasive, it will not require any incisions or stitches. Instead, your doctor will use an ultrasound probe to bring your eggs to your ovaries, and then retrieve them using a process called aspiration.  What will my egg retrieval recovery be like? In the 24 hours following your egg retrieval procedure, you may be asked[...]

February 16, 2023|

The in Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Process as a Gestational Surrogate

Whether you’re Intended Parents hoping to learn more about the process, or a first-time surrogate yourself, it’s likely that you have quite a few questions about the process ahead. In this article, we will discuss the basics of the gestational surrogacy process with Extraordinary Conceptions, from application to bringing baby home. Gestational Surrogacy Meaning: What is It? Gestational surrogacy is a globally popular method of conception. Gestational surrogates are (very special!)  women who undergo an IVF procedure to carry a baby for another family. Gestational surrogates will have no genetic relations to the baby she carries.  Depending on location, a gestational surrogate may or may not receive compensation. In many parts of the US, commercial (or compensated) surrogacy is legal. In these cases, surrogates receive a financial sum from their Intended Parents which is managed in a trust. In Canada only altruistic surrogacy is legal. This means that gestational surrogates will not receive compensation. However, they will have all of their pregnancy-related expenses reimbursed (like missed wages, groceries, or travel costs.) They will also receive a wellness package to help them prepare for pregnancy and dedicated support from Extraordinary Conceptions. What Does Gestational Surrogacy Cost? Many curious families and surrogates come to us with questions about IVF surrogacy & cost. In truth, there is[...]

December 21, 2022|

6 Questions for Potential Egg Donors in 2023 | Extra Conceptions

Is one of your New Years’ resolutions to become an egg donor in 2023? It’s likely that you have some questions…and you’ve come to the right spot for some answers. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we have been helping families bring children into the world through the helping hand of surrogacy and egg donation for nearly two decades. We have all the answers and information you need to know before you begin your egg donor process. Today, we’re covering some of the most frequently asked questions we heard in 2022. Hopefully, this can help clear up any questions or concerns you have about egg donation before beginning your application. If you come away with any more questions, please contact our team—we would love to hear from you. Is Egg Donation Painful? The egg donation process involves several steps which might cause physical discomfort, but typically, it is not regarded as very painful.  Before an egg donor undergoes her retrieval procedure, she will be expected to take certain medications in order to stimulate egg development. This medication is usually taken by daily injection. While this is not especially painful, it is uncomfortable and can be challenging for those with a fear of needles. The egg donation retrieval is minimally invasive and typically, donors will be given a[...]

December 16, 2022|

Egg Donor Screening Process Step By Step | Guide 2023

Learn all about the egg donation screening process and get your questions answered by professionals. We can guide you step by step through this process. Read the ultimate donor egg process for screening now.  Egg Donor Screening Process Step By Step Thinking about becoming an egg donor?  We’re here to support you!  You are potentially embarking on a very exciting journey which will have a lifelong effect on another family. Egg donation is a very fulfilling experience—but with that being said, it is also a complex journey and a large commitment. Because of this, there is a very involved screening process for egg donors, which was put into place to protect everybody involved: the donor herself, her intended parents, and of course, the coming baby.  Many potential egg donors come to us with questions or concerns about the egg donation screening process. We created this guide to help break down the egg donor screening process step by step, and address some frequently asked questions we hear at Extraordinary Conceptions. Remember, if you have any further queries, our team is waiting to answer your questions. Breaking Down the Egg Donation Screening Process 1. Application All egg donors must successfully complete our application process. This involves a few “mini-steps.”  First, you must confirm that you are[...]

December 7, 2022|

10 Disqualifying Factors for Surrogate Egg Donor Applicants 2022

Wondering what disqualifies from donating eggs or being a surrogate? Let us guide you through the process and get all your questions answered. Learn more now.  Common Disqualifying Factors for Egg Donation or Surrogacy Lots of women want to become egg donors or gestational surrogates. Here at Extraordinary Conceptions, we are incredibly grateful for these women! Without the altruistic nature and giving heart of “wannabee” donors and surrogates, we wouldn’t be able to help as many families dealing with infertility.  While we wish that we could match every hopeful egg donor or surrogate with a family, that is unfortunately not the case. Due to the complex nature of fertility treatments and childbearing, there are several hard-and-fast rules in place about who can and cannot become egg donors or surrogates in North America. Surrogacy and egg donation disqualifiers exist to protect everybody involved in the family-building process: the surrogate and/or donor, Intended Parents, and of course, the coming baby. If you are hoping to become a surrogate or egg donor for the first time, but are unsure if you are indeed eligible, you’ve come to the right spot. This article will discuss some of the most immutable surrogacy and egg donation disqualifiers and rules. Once you’ve confirmed that you fit all the requirements, we can[...]

December 1, 2022|

Surrogate Medical Screening Process in 2022

Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate mother or intended parents hoping to partner with one, it’s crucial to understand the entire process. Before implantation and pregnancy can commence, surrogates must pass a comprehensive screening process.The surrogate screening process is standard across North America, and is required for both commercial and altruistic arrangements. It is put into place to guarantee that surrogates are physically and psychologically able to take on this important role.  To learn more about the surrogate medical screening process, read on. We will mainly be discussing surrogate US requirements and screening today, but our agency works with parents, surrogates and donors who use fertility clinics across North America.  If you are left with any lingering questions, or have specifics you wish to discuss, get in touch with the Extraordinary Conceptions team at your convenience.  Surrogate Medical Screening: Is it Always Required?  Yes! If you live in North America and want to be a surrogate, medical screening and psychological testing are crucial steps of your process. This is done to protect you, your Intended Parents, and of course, the coming baby!  While the idea of the surrogacy screening process may seem overwhelming, you won’t be alone. When you work with a caring agency like Extraordinary Conceptions, we will provide all the assistance[...]

November 3, 2022|

How to Find the Best Egg Donor Agency Near You

Wondering how to find an egg donor?  At Extraordinary Conceptions, we’ve been helping families navigate every aspect of the fertility and family-building process, like matching with an egg donor (or surrogate,) for nearly 20 years. We can help ensure that you find an egg donor who suits your family’s unique needs, however specific or complex they may be. We understand what a massive and personal decision it is to find the right donor, and we will do everything possible to support you as you make this choice.  If you’re ready to start on your search for an egg donor, read on. In this article, we will discuss some important things to consider while selecting an egg donor. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team. How Do I Make Such a Huge Decision? Many Intended Parents feel anxiety over choosing their egg donor; after all, it’s a long lasting decision which impacts you and your future childs’ lives. This is why most families choose to work with dedicated egg donor agencies to make this decision. Fertility agencies like ours have all the resources a family needs to carefully select an egg donor (or surrogate.)  A reputable egg donor like Extraordinary Conceptions will offer families: Our Exclusive Egg Donor Database Intended Parents[...]

November 1, 2022|

Parental Rights & Laws Using a Gestational Surrogate

If your family is considering working with a US-based gestational surrogate to bring a baby into your world, you have a very exciting journey ahead of you! This special time is a life changing one—and that’s why it’s so important for parents to do plenty of research ahead of beginning. This research allows for a more straightforward experience without anything unexpected cropping up. Ahead of their journey, one of the most important elements for intended parents to research is their local surrogacy law and legislation.  These laws cover everything from legality in different states to the rights and processes surrounding obtaining parentage when the baby is born. While some surrogacy laws remain the same in every state where it’s legal, other elements vary tremendously across state lines. This is why comprehensive and localized research is so important for surrogacy! How Does Surrogacy Law Vary Across North America? Surrogacy is both a legal and popular choice in much of North America; parts of Mexico, Canada, and the USA all support surrogacy. However, it is far from a “one size fits all” type of deal; in all three countries, the laws differ by state or province. In the US, there are 50 states to contend with! Some US states don’t allow the procedure at all, or[...]

September 15, 2022|

Egg Donation Benefits & Pros and Cons

Every year, thousands of babies are born to grateful families through the helping hands of an egg donor.  Families choose to work with egg donors for all sorts of reasons—many struggle with infertility, while others (like LGBT+ couples) don’t have the anatomy to reproduce without assistance. Regardless of the reason for choosing an egg donor, these families all have one major thing in common: they deeply want to bring a child into their lives. That’s where you, a potential egg donor, comes in. Egg donors are an integral part of many family’s fertility journeys. These amazing women undergo a retrieval procedure to harvest their own eggs for another family to use. These eggs are then implanted into either the Intended Mother or a gestational surrogate for fertilization. Is Egg Donation Right for Me? If you would like to help another family bring a child into their world through egg donation, you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we support families, surrogates, and egg donors through every step of their journey, from application to birth. We would love to help guide you through this exciting and special time as an egg donor. Before you get started, it's helpful to review the general egg donor US requirements to see if you are eligible.[...]

September 6, 2022|

Why Intended Parents Use Surrogacy Agencies vs. No Agency

While it’s not legally required to work with a surrogate mother agency during your fertility journey, most Intended Parents choose to do so. Read more to understand why. Why Intended Parents Use Surrogacy Agencies vs. No Agency If your family is planning to welcome a baby into the world with the help of a surrogate mother, congratulations! This is such an exciting time for everybody involved. Soon enough, you will be welcoming your child home and beginning your life together as a family. While the surrogacy experience is special and exciting, it’s not exactly simple. In order to guarantee the best possible outcome, surrogacy requires many steps and legal processes. And these steps can sometimes be overwhelming! This is why so many Intended Parents  prefer to work with a surrogate mother agency rather than navigate the process without professional help. However, this is a personal choice that differs from family to family. If you have not yet decided whether you want to work with a surrogate mother agency, read on. In this article, we will discuss the differences between surrogacy without an agency and with one. Intended Parents & Surrogacy Agencies: It’s a Match! With a dedicated agency, there is support for every step of the Intended Parents’ surrogacy journey. And we don’t only[...]

August 22, 2022|

Surrogate Mother US Qualifications & All You Need In 2022

Our surrogate qualifications guide will help you navigate the US experience. Learn all you need to know about qualifications to be a surrogate in 2022 from experts who care. What to Know About Surrogate Mother Qualifications in the USA: 2022 While being a surrogate is a rich and rewarding experience, it’s also a massive responsibility. That’s why, in order to protect everyone involved, specific surrogate mother qualifications and regulations are in place. When researching surrogate mother qualifications, be sure that your sources are recent:  legislation surrounding surrogacy can change! That’s why we suggest working with a dedicated surrogacy agency like Extraordinary Conceptions for every step of your surrogacy journey. We can provide live, personalized help while you navigate your application process, and our website only contains the latest information surrounding surrogate mother qualifications and legislation. What Qualifies You to Be a Surrogate Mother? There are quite a few hard and fast surrogate qualifications that exist across every US state to support the procedure legally. However, depending on your state and your agency, additional rules and regulations surrounding qualifications to be a surrogate may apply. Surrogate Mother Qualifications 2022 In the USA, all eligible surrogate mothers must: Be between the ages of 21-45 Have a BMI below 36 Have previously given birth before and currently[...]

August 17, 2022|

Oregon Surrogacy: What You Need to Know

For years, parents across the US and Canada have built their families with the helping hands of egg donation or surrogacy. In Oregon, professionals have ensured that surrogacy and egg donations are straightforward and well-regarded options for families hoping to bring a new baby into their lives. Learn more about Oregon surrogacy and egg donation from your friends at Extraordinary Conceptions! An Overview of Surrogacy in Oregon Over the years, Oregon has developed a reputation for being one of the most socially progressive places in the country. Here, people from all walks of life are encouraged to be themselves, explore their passions, and enjoy both the urban excitements and natural beauty. The dynamic and unique lifestyle which Oregon offers is often said to be the ideal environment to raise a family. Some folks, however, require a few helping hands to make their family complete, whether that’s through egg or sperm donations, working with a surrogate, or a combination of the above. For Oregonians, this is more than possible. Here, families have been bringing babies into the world with surrogates for decades. In fact, Oregon has become such an esteemed choice for fertility treatments that it’s not uncommon for international families to travel from afar so that they can work with a surrogate in the[...]

November 18, 2020|

Washington Surrogacy: What You Need to Know

Every US state has its own laws surrounding egg donation and surrogacy. In Washington state, the regulations surrounding family-building and fertility treatments are easy to navigate...and we’re here to help. With the help of  Extraordinary Conceptions, one of North America’s most trusted surrogacy agencies, Washington state parents will get all the support they need. An Overview of Washington Surrogacy Washington state is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world to raise a family. The Evergreen State is esteemed for its progressive values and accepting culture. Here in Washington, we see families of all kinds, many of which were created with the helping hands of a surrogate carrier or an egg or sperm donor. Though Washington has long been a place for intended parents to seek the fertility treatment they desire, it was only in 2019 that the Uniform Parentage Act was passed, which legalized compensated or commercial surrogacy arrangements. Before then, only altruistic surrogacy was allowed in Washington, meaning that carriers weren’t paid and were often family members or friends of the intended parents. The passing of this act has both opened the fertility world up to more intended parents as well as provided more opportunities for potential surrogates. With this law now in action, options for surrogacy in[...]

October 28, 2020|

California Surrogacy: What You Need to Know

California Surrogacy: What You Need to Know Every state has its own laws surrounding surrogacy and egg donation, California included. Learn more about why so many parents and surrogates choose California for their family-building journey. An Overview of California Surrogacy Families of all shapes and sizes live in California, and each one has a unique origin story. For many families, the origin story includes helping hands of a surrogate, egg donor, or fertility center. With many years of surrogacy laws and regulations under its belt, California is a prime spot for intended parents to find a surrogate and/or egg donor who works with their needs and vice versa. Many reputable agencies and clinics based out of California will help you navigate the process without any unnecessary stress. If you are considering taking this journey, either as a parent, surrogate, or egg donor, you might be curious about the specific regulations in California. We’ve broken it down for you, so you can get a better handle on the local processes before embarking on this exciting path! Why Choose Surrogacy or Egg Donation in California? California is no stranger to surrogacy and egg donation. Given that it boasts some of the best IVF clinics in the country, it has become a first choice for both Californians[...]

September 2, 2020|

Surrogacy Pros & Cons – Is Surrogacy Right for You?

There are both challenging and positive things about surrogacy for any prospective parents or carriers to consider. If you’re deciding whether it is right for your family to start this journey, it helps to use a surrogacy pros and cons list.  If you are considering working with a surrogate to bring a baby into your life, or you’re keen on giving that incredible gift to another family, there are lots of elements to consider. After all, the decision to build a family or carry a child through surrogacy is a large one. When making any sort of big decision, it can be helpful to make a list of pros and cons. If you are currently weighing surrogacy as an option, we recommend you sit down with your partner or a trusted loved one, and go over our surrogacy pros and cons list. Feel free to add any additional points that you come up with, as well— the more thorough you are, the better. Discuss the various pros and cons to help you understand your feelings about everything before proceeding. Of course, our team is also always here to lend an ear and give advice as well!   Surrogacy Pros and Cons: Intended Parent(s) Pros of Surrogacy It Will Build Your FamilyThis isn’t only a[...]

August 14, 2020|

LGBTQ+ Parents

“There is no love that is more deep and true, than the love for your child.”  At Extraordinary Conceptions, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. Since opening our doors in 2005, we have helped numerous people in the LGBTQ+ community around the world become parents through our egg donation and surrogacy services. Our team stays current on LGBTQ parenting laws so that you can feel safe knowing that we will guide you through every step of your journey to parenthood and help you find the egg donor and/or surrogate mother that are best for your family. Because of laws in certain states that only recognize parentage between married, heterosexual couples, we will show you surrogates in states that are established with “surrogacy friendly” laws that will protect you as a single parent or non-traditional couple. Our team is happy to connect you with experienced attorneys that specialize in family and reproductive law so that you can make the safest decisions for your family. If you haven’t made a final decision about the IVF Clinic, let your coordinator know so that she can recommend clinics based on your unique needs. Our secure database currently have over 3,500 available egg donors and surrogates for you to review and[...]

August 10, 2020|

Gestational Surrogacy in New York: What are the Rules?

Surrogacy in NY hasn’t always been a straightforward concept. Until recently, it was illegal to undergo paid surrogacy NY-wide. However, a New York surrogacy bill passed recently... which has changed everything! We have all the information you need right here. Is Surrogacy Legal in NY? The answer to this is finally yes! Until April of 2020, many potential parents and families around the Empire State were facing a hurdle: New York laws on surrogacy forbid them from locally undergoing the fertility treatments needed to have a baby. New York was one of the few remaining areas to ban this practice; with the new laws in place, gestational surrogacy is now legal in every state in the US except for Louisiana and Michigan. For would-be parents across New York, these restrictions have caused a lot of stress and worry for many families over the years. After all, navigating family-building with fertility difficulties is often already an emotionally trying time. Many intended parents found that traveling to another state to work with a surrogate became quite complicated on both a financial and an emotional level. However, this truly was the only option: covert surrogacy arrangements in New York were punishable by law. Though there was no legal way to proceed with gestational surrogacy in New York[...]

June 25, 2020|

Gestational Surrogacy Vs. Traditional: Breaking Down the Differences

When working with a surrogate, families have two primary options: a gestational carrier or a “traditional” process. Traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy do have many similarities, but they are also very, very different experiences. It’s crucial for intended parents to consider whether they’d prefer gestational surrogacy vs. traditional surrogate procedures— and that requires a bit of research. Learn the difference between gestational and traditional surrogacy with Extraordinary Conceptions. No two families are exactly alike. They all have different dynamics, traditions, and histories that make them unique. For many, those histories include a very special origin story: their children were brought into the world with the help of a surrogate. If you’re reading this today, you might be considering surrogacy as an option for your own family. Congratulations! By visiting us here, you are already taking the first steps towards the future that you want. However, as you begin to research and learn about your options, you may find yourself overwhelmed by unfamiliar terms or concepts. Though new to you, these terms have been around for awhile, and it’s important to know what they mean before deciding what type of surrogacy might be right for you. If you’ve been browsing fertility forums or websites, you’ve likely seen comments discussing traditional vs. gestational surgery. If that’s[...]

June 19, 2020|

Coronavirus and Surrogacy: Getting Prepared Amidst COVID-19

As the last few months have unfolded, we’ve heard the phrase “unprecedented times” numerous times. For families undergoing surrogacy, or for women preparing to carry a baby for intended parents, this phrase might feel doubly true. After all, embarking on an emotional and milestone journey such as surrogacy is already a first-time event for many. When combined with the stress and uncertainty stemming from the global spread of COVID-19, it’s unsurprising to find that many people will have questions and concerns about how to continue and prepare for their surrogacy journey, even if it’s been temporarily postponed. To help you stay prepared and confident ahead of your upcoming journey, we’ve compiled a detailed surrogacy checklist for both intended parents and surrogates. We recommend that anybody embarking on this journey has a look at their specific checklist: surrogate, parents, and anybody else who will be involved. COVID-19 Surrogacy Checklist: Intended Parents SAVE on Your Agency Fees We are proud to have been helping families and surrogates through their fertility journeys for 15 years! To celebrate our big anniversary, we decided to offer our families something special, by offering our intended parents a discounted agency fee. We’d like to support you in any way possible, and this is one of the ways we are doing so.[...]

June 12, 2020|

What are the Medical Aspects to Surrogacy? (Infographic)

Share this Image On Your Site</p><br /><br /> <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p><br /><br /> <p><a href=''><img src='' alt='What are the Medical Aspects to Surrogacy? Infographic' 540px border='0' /></a></p><br /><br /> <p> APPLICATION  A Successful Surrogate Applicant: Has previously  given birth Is under the age of 39 Has a BMI of under 32 and up to 35 considered in Canada. Important Aspects Which Will Be Considered: How was your previous pregnancy and delivery? Do you have any preexisting medical conditions? How is your mental health?  Are you on any medications? Do you smoke, take drugs, or drink? Do Surrogates Need to Be Entirely Medication-Free? Many surrogates take medication. Whether or not yours allows for you to be a surrogate depends on which ones you take, and if you were on it for your previous pregnancy. Check with a doctor.  SCREENING What Happens at Screening Appointments? Medical Tests This will include a physical exam and a review of your medical, gynecological, and pregnancy history. Psychological Screening This will include a counseling visit. Laboratory Testing Your blood and urine will be sent off to a lab. You might also be asked to give a pap smear or cervical culture samples.  Ultrasound Sonohysterogram  This is a water test of your uterus to make sure[...]

May 20, 2020|

BMI for Surrogacy: Why it Matters

The subject of weight can be a tricky one to discuss. Like the topic of fertility, bodyweight is a very personal health aspect, and for some, the dialogue surrounding them can be intense or painful. However, in order to grow a family through surrogacy, discussing BMI is a necessary conversation. The BMI isn’t the only aspect of a woman’s health that is carefully screened and monitored before taking steps into becoming a surrogate: there are many requirements and regulations to ensure the safety of everybody involved. Though these requirements may add time to your process, it will all be worth it when a healthy baby has arrived.  What is the Range of BMI for Surrogacy? It is important to know that there is a required BMI for surrogacy. If you are in the USA, the woman carrying your baby will need to have a body mass index of 30 or lower. In some cases, particularly if she’s already been a successful surrogate in the past, a BMI of 32 is accepted. In Canada, the regulations are slightly more flexible regarding body size: there, 35 is the highest possible BMI for surrogacy. Why is Maintaining a Lower BMI for Surrogacy Important? BMI regulations exist in surrogacy to create a safe environment for all involved, including[...]

April 16, 2020|


For many intended parents in Europe, and many other parts of the world, building their families through surrogacy locally is not possible. Some of the reasons for this may be because of the regulations and legal implications surrounding gestational surrogacy in their country, the inaccessibility or shortage of women offering to be gestational surrogates and/or their sexual orientation prevent them from pursuing options close to home. For these reasons, and many others, intended parents from all over the world are seeking options abroad to reach their dreams of parenthood through surrogacy. As options for international surrogacy are increasing, the USA continues to be one of the most safe and secure destinations for European intended parents to pursue surrogacy. The USA has some of the most well-established legal practices and protocols in place for surrogacy and intended parents can take comfort in the fact they will be in the hands of some of the most experienced professionals in the field. Therefore, although other countries may seem like a financially cheaper option, the USA continues to be an ideal option for many intended parents worldwide. Today, we are speaking with intended parents, José and Renato, a same-sex couple from Portugal, who chose to pursue their dreams of parenthood through surrogacy in the USA. They open up[...]

April 14, 2020|

A Brief Guide to Surrogacy Financing

With more and more people opening up about their fertility struggles, many companies have created fertility financing programs for their employees. We’re here to outline a few ways in which this is happening...and what the future of surrogacy financing might look like.  We’ll be honest with you: undergoing IVF or working with a surrogate is not free, nor is it a particularly affordable endeavor. It is, after all, a large undertaking and an investment into the future. However, it’s significance doesn’t remove the fact that it’s a procedure not everyone can afford out of pocket. In order to help more families have their babies, several organizations and companies have formed with the sole mission of creating fertility financing options for more people.  Surrogacy Financing: Medical Loans If you took out a student loan for college or a business loan to begin your own company, you might already be familiar with this concept. Essentially, taking out a loan means that you will be given access to a sum of money to finance a specific event or cause. You will then be expected to pay that money back to the institution that leant it to you in the first place. Generally, you will also pay interest to your lender for their services, but how much you pay[...]

April 3, 2020|

My Donor Experience

I decided to become an Egg Donor when I was 18. While in school, I had a friend who’s sister had been trying to conceive for years, and the story was heartbreaking. I’ve always loved kids and always knew I wanted to have kids one day, and the thought of not being able to or struggling to have a family really just hit me hard.  I started to do some research and came across Egg Donation. I applied, filled out pages and pages about myself. When filling out the application I realized this is the only way (besides photos) that someone is picking me to help them have a family, I spent days on my application, trying to give as much information about myself to really try and let someone get to know me through my words.  A few weeks after I applied, I received an email asking if I was available for a donation. A couple who had been trying for years had finally decided to try using an egg donor and had been searching for their perfect match for months without luck, came across my profile. Being half Guatemalan like the intended mother was, is what drew them to my profile. Being of similar height and having similar features helped, however (from [...]

April 1, 2020|

Uncharted Territory: Navigating Your Fertility Journey during COVID 19

For those planning a family, reckoning with the current COVID-19 global crisis can be particularly overwhelming. News is moving very fast, and we are waking up to new facts and information every day. There has been a fair amount of conflicting information from varying sources about the effects that the virus may or may not have on expectant mothers and their pregnancy. Rules have also been put into place, which will restrict or cease fertility treatments across the US. Of course, this has been quite distressing to both pregnant women and intended parents undergoing fertility processes.  How Does COVID 19 Affect Those Undergoing IVF or Surrogacy? For surrogates, those undergoing IVF, and hopeful intended parents, societal disruptions have been the cause of much concern, anxiety and confusion. At time of publication, the most pressing concerns and changes have been: New ASRM Guidelines In light of the current situation, the ASRM, or the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, released new guidelines and restrictions to those using fertility services. All NEW fertility treatment cycles are to be suspended.  Though it is not mandatory, it is strongly urged to cancel any pending embryo transfers. Patients who are currently undergoing a fertility cycle, or those in need of “urgent stimulation and cryopreservation” will continue to receive care. All[...]

March 30, 2020|

The Doula-Surrogate Connection

We’ve said this many times— no matter what the circumstances may be, it takes a village! That can mean dozens of things, depending on the individual needs of a family. Some parents build their families with the help of an egg or sperm donor or a surrogate. Some create relationships with au pairs, nannies, or night nurses, while others find value in joining groups for new parents. Many families choose to include a doula or midwife in their journey. Again, the “villagers”  that you choose depend on your needs. Some parents may find that they enlist the help of many of the people we listed— and that’s a beautiful thing! Your children will grow up knowing that plenty of people love them and helped nourish them in the early days of their lives.  Today, we’d like to speak about two specific helping hands that are a part of many parents’ lives: the surrogate and the doula. Doulas are professional companions to pregnant women as they undergo their childbirth experience. Surrogates are women who carry a baby for a pair of intended parents. Though these two “villagers” each play very different roles in the world of childbearing and family-building, working with both of them at once can be a very positive experience for everybody involved. [...]

February 2, 2020|

Do I Qualify to Become an Egg Donor?

Curious about how to become an egg donor? Extraordinary Conceptions has answers. For couples who are unable to conceive, egg donation is truly a precious gift. Not every couple who wants to have a child can do so on their own; generally, this includes women unable to use their own eggs and male couples. For people in these situations, working with a donor can forever change their future. Though egg donation was primarily created to enrich the lives of those who cannot conceive, women who donate eggs often report that the process has had a positive effect on them as well. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re interested in knowing more about egg donor qualifications and what they entail.  As a potential donor, you also may have concerns about entering such a personal process with someone you don’t yet know. It’s important to know that donors receive information about their family through the detailed genetic and medical testing, some of which may not be known to them beforehand. Potential donors should also be aware that there are specific egg donor qualifications— the process is not right for everyone, and not everyone is able to become an egg donor.  How to Become an Egg Donor:  Understanding Egg Donor Qualifications Before beginning the[...]

December 16, 2019|

Thoughtful Surrogate Gift Ideas

The start of a surrogate pregnancy is such an exciting time! Many future parents are in awe of the gift that their surrogate is giving them and wish to find some way that they can reciprocate with a gift that shows just how grateful they are. While it is definitely not required or expected, many parents find a lot of joy in picking out a special gift for the woman who is helping to build their family. When is the best time to give such a gift? Well, delivery day is a popular time, but there are many other opportunities as well. Some future parents give their surrogate a gift at transfer day, on discharge from the fertility center, at the 20-week ultrasound, or on occasions such as her birthday or during the holidays. If you’re thinking about getting your surrogate a gift, check out this guide to thoughtful surrogate gift ideas. Surrogate Gift Ideas Here are some ideas for holiday, thank you, or ‘just because’ gifts for your surrogate: Jewelry Jewelry, especially something personalized, can be such a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your surrogate. Rather than just picking something out, try finding a piece that is symbolic of your journey together. Some ideas: a necklace or ring with both her birthstone and[...]

November 26, 2019|

Creating a Surrogacy Birth Plan That Works for Everyone

During your first surrogacy journey, it’s natural to have plenty of questions, like “what should a birth plan include?” We’re here to help. If you’re reading this, it seems there’s a bundle of joy heading your way. Congratulations on the beginnings of a very special journey! Whether you are the gestational carrier or intended parent(s), this is an exciting time in your life. It's also a very busy one! Any pregnancy has its physical and emotional demands, and with a surrogacy birth, there are multiple people’s needs to consider. Our team at Extraordinary Conceptions is here to support you every step of the way. We believe that creating a solid surrogacy birth plan is an important one to be taking.  There’s a Baby Coming! Time to Think about Birth Plan Considerations In order to create your surrogacy birth plan, it’s important to know what that actually is. A birth plan, at its most basic, is a written document or statement (usually around a page or so,) that lays out the terms of how you want your upcoming birth to go. This is intended to be distributed to any parties present at the birth and ensures that everybody is on the same page.  The Basics: What Should a Birth Plan Include? Giving birth is a[...]

November 18, 2019|

Talking to Your Employer About Surrogacy Maternity Leave

It can be really exciting to think about surrogacy and all that’s involved in the pregnancy, birth, and beyond. In addition to all of the super fun and exciting factors involved in surrogacy, it is also important to consider more practical matters, like what will happen after you give birth. Most women are aware that they’ll need and want maternity leave after having a baby, but does that still apply if you aren’t bringing the baby home yourself? Are surrogates still eligible for maternity leave? And how in the world are you going to explain this to your boss? Well, don't worry. We’ve got the answers to all of your questions about maternity leave in the case of surrogacy. Do surrogates get maternity leave?  Yes, women who have a baby are eligible for Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, regardless of what happens to the baby after delivery. Pregnancy and childbirth are physically and emotionally intense, even if you are having a baby for someone else. Surrogates will still need time after delivery to recover. This is especially true of women who have had a cesarean section (c-section) because it is major abdominal surgery. However, there are a few requirements that a surrogate must meet in order to qualify for leave under the[...]

November 12, 2019|

Why are some egg donors in greater demand than others?

When a woman decides she wants to learn about egg donation, there are a variety of ways she can start the process. As one can imagine, there is plenty of information only a click away on the internet; however, one of the best connections she can make is with a reputable egg donor agency that has been in the industry for a decade or more. An agency with experience and stability will have a protocol in place that is professional, thorough, and above all, compassionate. In a world full of so many options, what are future parents looking for when they’re searching for an egg donor? Read below to find out, the basic requirements for egg donors, what some parents are looking for in their potential donor and the desirable traits that “egg donors in demand” possess. Apply Now! A Donor’s Ethnicity Believe it or not, a donor’s ethnicity or family heritage is one of the most desirable traits for egg donors. There are intended parents of every ethnicity looking for an egg donor, and many of them are looking for donors that are of the same background. While egg donors are needed to help achieve these goals, there are in fact particular[...]

November 6, 2019|

The Top Surrogate Mother Requirements

Ever since the Kim Kardashian surrogacy news came out, people are learning more about why a woman needs a surrogate mother to carry her baby and what the requirements are to be a surrogate. They are often surprised at how intense and regulated the process is for both surrogate mother and the intended parents. Are there really requirements to be pregnant for someone else? That may seem like a silly question to many women, but you would be surprised at how many women want to become surrogates, but fail to meet the basic requirements. You may be thinking “I’m healthy and I don’t mind being pregnant for someone” but surrogacy is not just about carrying someone else’s child. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has set certain guidelines that they recommend to ensure the surrogate and baby are safe. While most agencies and physicians will agree on the main points, some IVF Physicians and other experts have their own additional specifications for potential surrogate mothers. The most important requirement for becoming a surrogate is to be a mom already. This means that you have had at least one successful, live birth with no complications and that you are raising your own child/children. To give you some insight into this, it’s important that[...]

November 1, 2019|

Single Men Want To Know: How Does Surrogacy Work?

There is a growing number of single men who want to have children. Many people who choose surrogacy to build their family do it for their own personal reasons. As nontraditional families and single parenting (especially single male parenting) have become more common, more and more men have decided that surrogacy can help them build the family they have dreamed of, even without a partner or wife. However, it’s not a decision that should be made lightly. Over the years, a number of single men have figured out that male surrogacy is fitting into their lifestyle. Why are single males considering surrogacy? Increasing numbers of single men, regardless of their sexual orientation, are choosing surrogacy in order to have a family. It is something growing more popular not just in the U.S. but all over the world. In the U.S., agencies are noticing the increase in single-parent surrogacy as well. A perfect example of this is Cristiano Ronaldo.  He is the Portuguese professional football player who decided on male surrogacy in the U.S. A California surrogate carried and delivered his twins in the summer of 2017. Single parent surrogacy is quickly becoming a practical choice for people wanting to become parents when traditional pregnancy is not possible. Many people are praising single[...]

October 28, 2019|

The Most Surrogacy-Friendly States in the US

US Surrogacy laws are changing constantly and can be very different from state to state. This can lead to quite a bit of confusion for people who are looking for a gestational carrier. There are many factors that can impact whether surrogacy is legal or a possibility in a given state: Marital status of the intended parent(s) Marital status of the surrogate Sexual orientation (only in some states with strict views on parenting and the LGBTQ+ community) Because of all of these factors and the complex legal environment surrounding surrogacy and reproductive technologies, it is crucial to consult with a reproductive attorney before getting started. This is especially true if you live in a state that isn’t surrogacy friendly. Understanding Surrogacy Laws in the USA There are a couple of points to consider when looking at the surrogacy laws by state. First, does the state where you are considering a surrogacy arrangement allow intended parents to hire a gestational surrogate, and pay her a fair compensation for her time and effort? Some states have laws in place that specifically prohibit or criminalize all or paid surrogacy arrangements. Other states have specific provisions in their laws that dictate who is able or unable to access surrogacy care. Another point to consider is the ease in[...]

October 12, 2019|

4 Common Questions People Ask Surrogates

It’s one thing when you are carrying your own pregnancy, but when you are acting as a surrogate for someone else, people often have a whole bunch of questions! These may come from loved ones, acquaintances, or even the cashier at the grocery store, once she finds out that you are a surrogate. Here are some of the most common surrogate mother questions that people ask pregnant women when they find out the baby they are carrying is not their own. What do your kids think? It’s very common for people to ask how a woman’s children feel about their mother’s surrogate pregnancy. Surrogacy is an experience and learning opportunity for the whole family. No matter the age, kids learn that they, too, can be involved in helping an individual or couple who cannot have a baby without the help of their mother. It’s also important to realize that kids take their cues from you! If you present the idea as something that isn’t out of the ordinary, the kids will simply accept what is happening. Former surrogates have shared that their older children tend to become more helpful by doing extra chores around the house, helping out with their siblings and sharing in the overall excitement leading up[...]

September 12, 2019|

What A Surrogate Can Expect From An Embryo Transfer

What better way to learn first hand about the embryo transfer than from a former surrogate?! What does the surrogacy embryo transfer feel like? Does it hurt? Read below to hear about one former surrogate’s experience during her embryo transfers. After all, what better way to learn first hand about the embryo transfer process than from a former surrogate?! A Surrogate Shares her Transfer Experience Amanda, a two-time surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions, a California based surrogacy agency, was happy to share information about her embryo transfer experiences. It’s important to note that every woman may have a different experience. Still, it’s nice to hear about an embryo transfer firsthand from someone who has been through it before. Well, in Amanda’s case, two times. Not every embryo transfer results in a positive pregnancy, so in some cases, a surrogate may have to undergo 2-3 transfers before she has that positive pregnancy test after the dreaded “2-week wait.” The Embryo Transfer Process When Amanda arrived at the clinic, she went through the appropriate paperwork before a nurse escorted her to a gently lit room where there was relaxing music playing in the background. Here, she prepared for the procedure. Most embryo transfer rooms are kept at a cooler temperature, with soft[...]

September 11, 2019|

3 Types Of Screening For Surrogates

There are so many stories about surrogates and why they choose to be a gestational carrier. As the idea of surrogacy becomes more mainstream, education about the surrogacy process is getting out there. Part of this is learning about the different types of surrogate tests. What is a Gestational Surrogate? A gestational surrogate is a woman who decides to carry a baby for someone who needs her help. A gestational surrogate is also known as a gestational carrier. Reputable surrogacy agencies require that a surrogate has given birth to her own children. The birth of her children must have had no complications. A gestational carrier does not have any biological ties to the surrogate baby. The egg used is either from the intending mother or an egg donor. The embryo created is implanted into her uterus through a procedure called in vitro fertilization. Surrogacy is an arrangement between surrogates and intending parents. A gestational surrogate carries a baby for a person or couple who could not otherwise have children on their own. Surrogate Eligibility Surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics use the guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in the screening for surrogates. The recommended age of a gestational surrogate is a woman who is within the range of 21 to[...]

September 3, 2019|

Common Questions from Intended Parents about Surrogacy

Whether you already knew that you would need a surrogate in order to have children or were surprised at the news, taking the next steps can seem a little overwhelming. It’s normal to have a lot of questions about what to expect before you get started. Check out these surrogacy FAQ and answers for more information.     How do I/we get started on the surrogacy process? The first step is to find an experienced surrogacy agency that you feel comfortable working with. It can also be helpful to have a consultation with your fertility specialist to begin discussing the IVF process. Are egg and/or sperm donors needed? Do you have frozen embryos already created and ready to use? Do you, as intended parents, need any additional screening or testing before proceeding with an IVF cycle?   Can I use a surrogate as a single person or same-sex couple? Yes! Many single people and same-sex couples have used the surrogacy process as a way to build their families. It can be helpful to find an agency that is experienced in working with singles or same-sex couples to make the process even more seamless.   Should I work with a surrogate agency? Unequivocally, yes! Some people elect to go the independent route with someone they[...]

August 22, 2019|

Surrogacy in Canada vs. the U.S.

Whether you live in Canada or are considering international travel for gestational surrogacy or egg/sperm donation, you might be considering international gestational surrogacy. Canada, as one possible option, has several important differences in infertility treatment compared to the United States. The laws, however, can be a little confusing, causing many people to ask themselves, “Is surrogacy legal in Canada?” Because of this, it is important to understand the laws governing treatment. Don’t worry; we’ve done the research for you! If you’ve got questions about pursuing infertility treatment in Canada, read on for more information about the surrogacy laws in Canada and what to expect. Is surrogacy legal in Canada? It’s complicated. There are some cases where surrogacy is legal, but the process is very different from surrogacy in the United States. While like the United States - it can vary from province to province - gestational surrogacy in Canada is mostly regulated on a federal level, it is extremely important to consult with a Canadian attorney who specializes in the Canadian fertility laws prior to committing to a cycle there. What are the surrogacy laws in Canada? The Assisted Human Reproduction Act of Canada (AHRA) was passed in 2004 and is the main law governing gestational surrogacy. Canada has very strong restrictions on how[...]

July 3, 2019|

17 Amazing New Parent Hacks!

Your new baby is finally here! While you’ve been working and hoping for this little bundle of joy, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed in the first few days, weeks and months of baby’s life. Taking care of a newborn (and beyond!) is a 24 hour a day job and can be seriously exhausting. To make taking care of baby just a little bit easier, we’ve gathered some seriously helpful baby tips and tricks and parenting hacks that are inexpensive and easy to do.   Find a routine: It’s never too early to do this. New babies sometimes get their days and nights mixed up; getting them on a routine can help them figure it out! However you choose to structure your routine is up to you, but doing the same things at around the same time (for example, bath time at 6:00, followed by a story and final bedtime feeding at 7:00) will help her learn what to expect!   Use blackout curtains: Newborn sleep is no joke, so do what you can to help them stretch out those nighttime sleeping periods. Keep the room dark with blackout curtains, consider gentle music or a white noise machine, and make sure the room is a comfortable temperature for sleeping.   Try portable diaper changing[...]

May 6, 2019|

Surrogacy in the USA vs. the UK

In your journey to becoming a parent, you travel many roads. For some, the road eventually leads to considering surrogacy options abroad. Despite how attractive the lower cost of fertility care outside the United States may be, it is not without significant risk. One of the most important things to realize is that surrogacy in other countries often doesn’t carry the same legal protections that are afforded to couples undergoing surrogacy in the United States. Read on for more information about how surrogacy is different in the UK and why it’s so risky to look at international surrogacy instead of staying close to home. Finding your surrogate Though surrogacy is technically legal in the UK, there are some intricacies in the law. First, it is illegal to advertise that a person is looking for a surrogate or looking to act as a surrogate. It is also illegal for third parties, like a surrogacy agency or attorney, to facilitate such arrangements. There are two options for finding a surrogate in the UK: Using a surrogacy organization: There are three main surrogacy organizations in the UK. These organizations are the exceptions to the legal rule forbidding third parties from arranging surrogacy agreements. They perform many of the functions an American surrogacy agency does; they help locate[...]

February 20, 2019|

Why Intended Parents May Choose A Different Surrogate For Sibling Journeys

Many people were surprised to learn that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have elected to use a different surrogate to carry their fourth baby this time around. It can be really easy to assume that they were simply unhappy with how the first surrogate pregnancy went or their relationship with their first surrogate. However, there are actually many different reasons why intended parents would choose choose a different surrogate – and they aren’t just because of unhappiness with her. Here are 8 of them. They are ready to have another baby before the surrogate is ready. Though beautiful, surrogacy is an intense process that ends in a pregnancy and birth. The surrogate may need more time to recover from the birth, either physically or emotionally, than the couple is willing to wait. Sometimes surrogates want to travel or just have a break from pregnancy for a little while. Other times, upcoming work or school responsibilities may make it difficult for her to plan another pregnancy right away. The surrogate does not want to do another cycle: Some surrogates just don’t want to do another cycle. They may have thoroughly enjoyed the process and relationship with their intended parents and the baby, but feel in their heart that they are done being pregnant. The surrogate[...]

January 14, 2019|

5 Ways for Future Parents to Support Surrogates

The surrogate and intended parent relationship is complex. Even though a surrogate is being supported financially by her intended parents, the relationship demands much more. Pregnancy is difficult! And surrogate moms need support, not only from their family and friends, but also from the parents they are carrying the pregnancy for. Here are 8 ways that future parents can support their surrogate. Respect your agreement: Respecting your agreement, legal or otherwise is important! Though it seems really simple or just common sense, your surrogate needs to know that she can depend on you to keep your word. If your agreement states that you’ll call once a week, or attend all of her doctor’s appointments, do it! Of course, life happens and there may be times that you have to miss an appointment, but that should be the exception, not the rule. Trust your surrogate: It can be really tough to trust someone, a relative stranger, to carry and care for the most important thing in the world. But it is really important to trust that your agency has screened her appropriately, and that your surrogate is taking care of your baby. Gestational surrogates don’t do this for the money; they agree to carry a baby for someone else because they love being pregnant and[...]

November 14, 2018|

7 Ways to Work Out While Being a Surrogate

Though there are a few key differences, in general pregnancy as a surrogate is actually not that much different than a traditional pregnancy. In addition to following a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, staying active is important! Before beginning or continuing any exercise program, you need to speak with your doctor. Make sure to discuss your current exercise regimen and whether you can continue during your cycle and early pregnancy. There may be points during the cycle where the doctor wants you to stop exercising, especially after the embryo transfer and into early pregnancy. Make sure to be specific in your questions! Is it okay to continue walking? Should your heart rate stay below a specific point? What type of weight training is ok? Understand what you are and aren’t allowed to do and follow the instructions – they are there for a reason! You’ll want to continue the conversation with your obstetrician during the pregnancy. There are some important benefits to regular activity during pregnancy, if given the okay by your doctor, including: Decreasing your pregnancy symptoms Help keep weight gain in the appropriate amount Lower the risk of complications like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia Reduce the risk of c-section Get your body ready for labor and[...]

November 13, 2018|

How to Choose an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency [Infographic]

Choosing an egg donation or surrogacy agency is a big decision, no matter whether you are looking to be an egg donor, surrogate mom, or are looking to build your family through one of these techniques. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right agency for you. Share this Image On Your Site </p><br /> <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p><br /> <p><a href=''><img src='' alt='How to Choose an Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency' 540px border='0' /></a></p><br /> <p> Reputation: It's important to find a reputable agency for your family. Don't be afraid to ask questions and voice concerns if you have them. A good agency will be forthcoming about any issues they may have faced in the past.  It's also important to consider how long they've been in business and what past clients have said about their experiences with that agency. Screening: Some aspects of egg donation and/or surrogacy are regulated by the FDA while other guidelines are recommended by ASRM. Ultimately, the chosen IVF physician will determine whether a potential donor or surrogate is medically fit. Still, it's important to work with an agency that abides by any regulations and guidelines and who is aware of current changes. You can review the agency's requirements and[...]

October 18, 2018|

The Importance of Mental Health When Pursuing Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Mental health and surrogacy have both been hot topics in recent years for their important roles in our ever-changing society and the media. So what do the two have in common and what does mental health have to do with surrogacy anyway? Well, if you ask me, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at a leading Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency, I’ll tell you it has everything to do with the journey. Mental health is a critical piece to the puzzle of every surrogacy journey and because there are several important pieces, each must be treated with professional care. At Extraordinary Conceptions, there are two in-house Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists whose primary commitment is to the mental health and emotional stability of the surrogates, intended parents, and egg donors. Why do Intended Parents need to consult with a mental health professional? Intended Parents come to Extraordinary Conceptions with hopes of creating a family. The journey they’ve taken to get to this point has typically been a long and rough one, at best. The relationship between the intended parents and their agency should be handled with care and compassion. The in-house therapists consult and screen each intended parent to ensure they are prepared for the emotional and exciting process that lies ahead. The consult[...]

September 27, 2018|

How to Balance Being an Egg Donor and a Student

Being an egg donor may sound like the perfect opportunity for a young college student. It’s an amazing way to help someone’s dreams of parenthood come true, as well as earn some money to help with student debt. But what is expected of an egg donor? And how can she balance her responsibilities as a donor with the demands of going back to college? Time Responsibilities Many young women are surprised by how much time is needed to complete an egg donation cycle. There are multiple visits to the fertility doctor that will be needed before she even gets started. In addition to visits for the medical evaluation and pre-cycle testing, all donors will need to meet with a nurse for a teaching session. This is important; it’s where she’ll learn about what to expect during the cycle and how to administer the medication. Once the cycle starts, she’ll need to visit the clinic frequently and often with very little notice. She’ll also need to find time, at the same time, each night or morning to administer her medication. While taking the injectable medication, she’ll need to go back to the clinic every few days to every day, perhaps even on the weekends or holidays. These visits are important because they help the doctor[...]

September 14, 2018|

Why Women Over 40 May Need the Help of an Egg Donor

It’s no secret that as women age, they may have some difficulty getting pregnant or having a baby. Even as young as age 35 to 40, a woman only has a 5% chance of getting pregnant in any given cycle. Despite the fact that the effect of age on fertility is widespread, many women and couples still hesitate to talk about their struggles conceiving. Recently, however, the use of surrogate moms by several high-profile celebrities has brought the discussion of fertility treatment and third-party reproduction further into the open. There are a lot of questions about surrogacy and egg donation, including the difference between the two procedures and why someone might choose one or the other. Many people are surprised to learn that even though some women over the age of 35 may need to use an egg donor, they are still able to carry their pregnancy. Below are examples of the qualities needed for successful fertilization and how age might affect how easily a woman can conceive. Egg quality and age In order to get pregnant, a woman needs to have both healthy eggs and a healthy uterus. As she gets older, her hormones will shift and her periods will become more and more irregular until they stop completely — a process known[...]

July 3, 2018|

5 Things Intended Parents Should Consider When Using An Egg Donor

Whether you knew you were going to need an egg donor or your doctor recently dropped the news on you, chances are you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. That’s okay because choosing an egg donor is a huge decision! It’s common for Intended Parents to have lots of questions about selecting an egg donor. Sometimes they even feel like they don’t know quite where to start. Before you jump in and hit the databases, take a deep breath and give yourself a few minutes to process everything. You should know that many women actually go through a grieving process when they learn they won’t have a genetic link with their child. It’s important to take the time to go through this grieving process, even getting help from a counselor or therapist as necessary. Your doctor or donor egg agency can provide a referral to someone who specializes in reproductive or family therapy if needed. However, research has shown that even though you may use donor eggs, your body will actually influence your baby's genetics. Above all, it’s important to remember that whichever egg donor you choose, the child that results will be your baby and wouldn’t exist if not for the love that you and your partner have for him or her. That’s[...]

June 27, 2018|

5 Things You Should Know About Surrogacy and Medical Insurance

Many Intended Parents are surprised to learn that the insurance options for their surrogate are much more complicated than they anticipated. Let’s face it, insurance can be boring, hard to understand and frustrating. It is, however, a crucial step that must be taken in order to protect the surrogate’s health and your financial exposure. While preparing for the cycle, it is important for your surrogacy agency’s insurance professional to perform a comprehensive insurance benefits analysis and look at the different options available for your particular situation. If you are just getting started on your surrogacy journey, whether as a surrogate or Intended Parent, here are the answers to commonly asked questions about medical coverage during a surrogacy cycle. What types of ACA surrogacy insurance are available or required? Technically, none! There are no ACA medical plans that are specifically designed to cover a woman for surrogacy. She will need to have a medical insurance plan that does not have an exclusion for her using the maternity benefit of the policy while acting as a surrogate. Can my surrogate just use her own insurance plan? It may be possible.  Only careful evaluation of your surrogate’s personal policy by a qualified insurance specialist with knowledge of the fertility industry can determine whether your surrogate’s personal policy is suitable[...]

June 14, 2018|

Are you ready to become a surrogate? 10 Questions to ask yourself if you are considering surrogacy

Becoming a surrogate is incredibly rewarding experience. One of the greatest gifts is helping someone who is struggling with their fertility expand their family. That being said, it is not the right decision for everyone, and any woman who is considering becoming a surrogate should research surrogacy and educate themselves fully about the process and what is required. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself before becoming a surrogate. Have you had at least one child? All surrogate candidates must have had a prior healthy pregnancy and delivery and be raising their children in their own home. A surrogate pregnancy is unique and has certain challenges that come with it, and it is difficult to understand unless you’ve been through pregnancy before. This requirement is in place to protect both you, as the surrogate, and the intended parents during the process. ASRM guidelines, which Extraordinary Conceptions follow, also requires that you have at least one child still living at home. Do you meet the qualifications? ASRM has several guidelines that all potential surrogates must meet. Women must be between the ages of 20 and 42, have regular menstrual cycles, have a body mass index (BMI) below 30, and live a healthy lifestyle (no drinking during a pregnancy, or history of smoking or recreational[...]

April 30, 2018|

What First-Time Surrogates Should Expect

Early on, first-time surrogates realize how much detail and care goes into a surrogacy arrangement. The moment a woman decides to become a surrogate is a time that she will never forget. It will be life-changing because she is about to help make someone’s parenthood dreams finally come true. To become better prepared, here are some highlights on what first-time surrogates should expect.   The Application Process At a surrogacy agency, the application process is the first step a woman will take. Sometimes she may phone the agency first and speak with an admissions team member to learn more. But really, it's more common that she submits her application rather than call. There are many details to the application so be sure to set some time aside to fill it out. An agency will want to know about your general health, your family and number of children, occupation and more. There are certain things an agency needs to verify. One example is that the applicant is between the ages of 20 to 40. An agency also wants to make sure that a woman has had at least one successful live birth with no complications. Surrogate candidates should also have easy pregnancies and deliveries.   The Screening for First -Time Surrogates Surrogate candidates are[...]

March 29, 2018|

How You Can Help Support Your Surrogate During Her Pregnancy

Becoming a surrogate is an incredible and amazing gift, but it can also provide some unique challenges to the thousands of women each year who decide to take this journey. It’s an incredibly sensitive time for everyone involved: the surrogate, her family, and the couple for whom she is carrying the pregnancy. While there are many different reasons for why a woman would decide to become a surrogate, in each case, she’ll need extra support and help throughout the pregnancy. Pregnancy on its own is a huge deal, but carrying a pregnancy for someone else is monumental. Whether you are Parents who are working with a gestational carrier, or someone you know and care about is carrying a pregnancy for someone else, there is a lot you can do to help support your surrogate during her pregnancy. Housework By far, this is a favorite with pregnant women and surrogates alike. Pregnancy is very physically demanding! From morning sickness to trying to figure out how to reach the sink to do dishes over a pregnant belly, housework and chores aren’t easy for pregnant women. Britt agrees: “Even something as small as doing the dishes! Oh gosh, I was so happy when my husband starting doing the dishes for me. We’re a family of 6, so[...]

March 28, 2018|

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Become A Surrogate

Women want to know the qualifications ahead of time to see if they are ready to become a surrogate. So you want to become a surrogate? Women who are thinking about surrogacy often wonder if they have what it takes. For example, how do they know when the time is right? Would they even be a candidate? Here are three questions to ponder before submitting that application.   Am I Ready to Become A Surrogate? This is a very common question among women. And it should be. Timing is everything when applying to a surrogacy agency. Most surrogacy agencies agree that the best time to apply is when a woman has completed her family. If there is any chance that she wants another child in the future, then it’s best to delay the application process until she knows for sure. Also, a surrogacy journey is not intended for a woman who has never had children. A surrogate must already have one successful birth and a family of her own. Another agency requirement is that a potential surrogate still has one child living at home.   Am I Physically Prepared to Become A Surrogate? As one can imagine, health and wellness is a major factor when it comes to surrogacy. An agency will[...]

March 20, 2018|

3 Interesting Things About Being An Egg Donor

Women interested in being an egg donor are surprised to learn about donors in demand such as an Asian ethnicity. Countless egg donors help future parents struggling to have a baby. While donors feel a personal reward knowing how they can make a difference, here are some interesting things they learn about being an egg donor.   Are Some Egg Donors in Demand? Yes, there are. At an egg donor agency, intending parents review the profiles of egg donors on a secure database. In their search, one of the things they are looking for is a donor that resembles them. They are looking for specific physical attributes. With that said, egg donors in demand are those from an East Asian heritage. While 100 percent Asian egg donors are highly requested among future parents, mixed Asian ethnicities are also needed. Jewish ethnicity is in demand, too. Donors that fall into these heritages are eligible to receive higher compensation. Egg donor agencies are quick to point out that donors receive payment for their time and commitment.   Does Being an Egg Donor Mean Having A College Education? No, it does not but having a college education is preferred. In fact, a request for current students or alumni from top universities, such as an Ivy league[...]

March 15, 2018|

4 Things Surrogacy Admissions Wants You To Know

Understanding how a surrogacy admission department works helps potential applicants with the next steps after they submit their application. When a woman submits her application to become a surrogate, it goes directly to the surrogacy admissions department at an agency. Knowing what happens in this department can help an applicant understand the overall process.   Why A Surrogacy Admissions Department Educates Most surrogacy agencies agree that applicants don’t know a whole lot about surrogacy. This means that the admissions team steps it up to educate its applicants. Team members in this department explain to applicants what an embryo transfer means. More importantly, they share with women how gestational carriers are not biologically related to the baby they are carrying. The eggs are either from the future mother or egg donor. Once fertilized, a surrogate has an IVF procedure to transfer this embryo. Paperwork and More Paperwork While future surrogates would love to hit the ground running, they need to brake a bit because there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. If the process moves slower than expected, that’s normal. A surrogacy agency and clinic are working on collecting information such as the surrogate’s medical history and clearance letter from her doctor to add to her medical file. Women who apply[...]

March 13, 2018|

Here’s how future parents choose a surrogate and egg donor

Ways that intending parents choose a surrogate and egg donor are different in that donors have a biological link to the baby while gestational carriers do not. There are several reasons why intending parents partner with an egg donation and surrogacy agency. A major one is the rigorous screening that takes place. This helps future parents choose a surrogate and egg donor.   Surrogacy: It Goes Both Ways In surrogacy, both the intending parents and surrogate agree to move forward in the arrangement. In other words, it goes both ways. Behind the scenes, an agency coordinator will have a good match in mind for an intending parent and surrogate based on earlier interviews. It’s the interview process that cues a coordinator to the perfect match. The future parents first agree on a surrogate after seeing her profile. And, remember, intending parents have their own profiles, too. Next up, the coordinator will send those profiles to the surrogate candidate. If she likes what she reads about the intending parents, the coordinator will set up a meeting between them. They can talk to one another either through video conferencing or by phone. At a reputable agency, a surrogate is never obligated to carry for someone. She will always make that final decision. The goal[...]

March 9, 2018|

Is A Traditional Pregnancy Like A Surrogacy Pregnancy?

The difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy pregnancy is there is no genetic link between the baby and surrogate and the conception occurs through an IVF procedure. Many women ready to become surrogates want to know if a traditional pregnancy is like a surrogacy pregnancy. This is a twofold question.  The conception is different, but the pregnancy part is pretty much the same.   The Conception of it All A gestational surrogate is not related to the baby she is carrying. This means that the conception is entirely different from a traditional pregnancy. Surrogacy agencies only accept surrogate applicants who have had children of their own – they must also have no pregnancy or delivery complications. A surrogacy pregnancy is through an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. The embryo transfer happens after a surrogate completes a round of hormonal medications to prepare her body and uterus for IVF. The egg which creates the embryo does not belong to the gestational surrogate. Instead, it is either from the intending mother or an egg donor.   The Surrogacy Pregnancy Once a surrogate undergoes IVF, she will visit her fertility specialist for bloodwork and other tests to determine if the embryo transfer was a success. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate will stay on[...]

March 6, 2018|

4 Things Egg Donors Want To Know

One of the things that egg donors want to know about are requirements and possible health risks. One way that women can help intending parents build their family is through egg donation. Before applying, there are things that egg donors want to know. Those answers can help make a woman decide if egg donation is right for her. Are There Requirements To Become An Egg Donor? Yes, there are. These requirements range from health to a particular age range. Some of these requirements include the following: Being between the ages of 19 to 29 Women that do not take recreational drugs and do not smoke A BMI of 30 or less Women who have a healthy lifestyle Must have regular menstrual cycles Reputable egg donor agencies will point out that women are not paid for their eggs. The compensation is for her time and commitment to help intending parents.   Why Would People Need an Egg Donor? Intending parents may need an egg donor for different reasons. For example, gay couples will need an egg donor and surrogate to carry their child. Here are some other medical reasons: Premature ovarian failure (a woman starts menopause early) IVF failure (donor eggs would have a better IVF outcome) Diminished ovarian reserve (women who experience[...]

February 27, 2018|

Here’s Why Surrogate Screening Is So Important

The purpose of surrogate screening is to make sure a woman is healthy and ready to carry a baby for her intending parents. So, you’ve just hit the “send” button and submitted your application to become a surrogate. The next big part of the process is surrogate screening. And this is for several reasons. But the biggest reason of all is that future parents wanting to have a child through surrogacy are making an emotional and financial investment. They have waited years for this moment – they need to make sure they find the right woman to carry their baby.   Who Does the Surrogate Screening? In the beginning stages, a surrogacy agency does the screening. It all starts with the application process. Also, many of the questions determine if an applicant meets the surrogate requirements. A handful of examples may include the following: Healthy women between the ages of 19 to 42 Applicants must have at least one pregnancy with no complications Applicants must not be on any government assistance and financially stable No drug use and no smoking The applicant and her partner must not have any felony convictions And more. Other areas of screening include psychological and medical. Many surrogates who go through the process are surprised to learn[...]

February 20, 2018|

4 common questions surrogates have about intending parents

There are questions surrogates have about intending parents such as the amount of contact they will have during the journey.   A potential surrogate wants to know as much about the process before signing up with a surrogacy agency. This also includes questions surrogates have about intending parents.   Can A Surrogate Pick Her Intending Parents? Absolutely. During the early stages, many women tend to think that the surrogacy agency chooses the intending parents. The fact of the matter is that women wanting to become surrogates can select her intending parents. Also, the process is a team effort. Behind the scenes, a surrogacy agency works hard to match a surrogate with the right intending parents. In other words, a match that is very like-minded between all parties. Once an applicant passes her initial screenings, her profile (bio and photos) uploads to a secure database for future parents to view. Intending parents will contact their coordinator if they want to reach out to a candidate. From there, the agency coordinator will schedule a time for the applicant and intending parents to meet. Depending on the logistics, this can be an in-person meeting at the agency or by video conferencing. If the meeting turns out to be a success, the applicant and intending parents[...]

February 13, 2018|

5 Surprising Myths About Surrogacy

Here are some common myths about surrogacy and the reasons to debunk them. Lately, celebrity surrogacy has given people an opportunity to learn more about third-party reproduction.  However, there are still some myths about surrogacy. Here’s what people need to know to help clear up those misconceptions.   Any Woman Can Become A Surrogate This is a myth. Surrogacy agencies have clear guidelines for surrogate applicants. For starters, an applicant must already be a mother and have a child living at home. Her pregnancies and deliveries should be complication free. Above all, she enjoys being pregnant. Applicants are healthy and between the ages of 19-42. Women who become surrogates want to help others achieve a family.   Most Celebrities Use Surrogates for Vanity Purposes This is a myth. Famous intending mothers do not decide to have a surrogate carry their baby because they don’t want to gain the extra weight which comes with pregnancy. Intending parents who enter into this arrangement have thought long and hard about this. The reasons a woman may need a surrogate to carry her baby are medical. She is either unable to become pregnant or carry to full term. For others, being pregnant could either be harmful to the mother or her unborn child.   Being A[...]

February 6, 2018|

The Common Medications Surrogates Need

There are common medications surrogates need before undergoing an embryo transfer. Surrogacy pregnancies occur through a procedure called in vitro fertilization. In third-party reproduction, a surrogate prepares for an embryo transfer by certain hormonal medications. Here are some of the common medications surrogates need.   Why Does a Surrogate Need Medication? Women who become gestational surrogates are not biologically related to the baby they are carrying for their intending parents. The eggs used are either from the intending mother or an egg donor. After the embryo fertilization takes place at a clinical laboratory, the surrogates undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). Because this is not a natural pregnancy, a surrogate’s uterus needs specific preparations to accept the embryo through a series of medications – many of these are hormonally-based.   When Do the Medications Start? Following an intending parent match, a woman will begin her medications. This will start a few weeks before the scheduled transfer. Even though IVF is a standard procedure, every fertility specialist and clinic will have their medical protocol for each surrogate. The medications are administered in the following ways: Orally Intramuscular Injections Suppositories Women must follow their medication schedule and cannot miss a dose. It’s a commitment and an important one at that. Not following the plan could[...]

February 2, 2018|

Here’s What We Learned About Celebrity Surrogacy

The recent birth announcement in the Kardashian West family raises awareness about third-party reproduction and celebrity surrogacy. Just last week the Kardashian West family announced the birth of their daughter via surrogacy. While there was more awareness about third-party reproduction, here’s what we learned about celebrity surrogacy.   Was it important to keep the identity of the surrogate a secret? Yes, it was. Privacy for a surrogate carrying for a high-profile couple is incredibly important. When news came out about the Kardashian West surrogacy, it lit up the media headlines. The surrogate for the power couple is a person living a normal, everyday life without limelight and security. When there is so much media attention, there is a risk of revealing her identity. If this happens, it upturns her life and that of her family. Many surrogacy agencies only accept surrogate applicants who have had children. Also, one child must still live with the applicant. If the media released Kardashian’s surrogate, her private life and that of her children would have been at risk. Luckily, she stayed safe.   Is the process of picking a surrogate at an agency different for a celebrity? There is none. Be it a celebrity surrogacy or not, the process of picking a surrogate is the same as[...]

January 23, 2018|

3 Things Surrogates Want to Know About the Delivery

Many surrogates want to know about the delivery process for when they give birth.  For surrogates and their intending parents, the countdown to delivery day is the most exciting part of all. It’s natural that blended with the excitement are some nervous feelings, too. Here’s what surrogates want to know about the delivery and what happens afterward.   Are the Intending Parents in The Delivery Room? Every hospital has their particular policies about the delivery. So, it’s important to check that out ahead of time. If a woman is working with a surrogacy agency, the company will take care of that. When a surrogate arrives at the hospital, she will experience similar care to when she had her own children. Of course, what’s different is how much communication she wants with her intended parents when her labor increases. When surrogates pass stage two labor and are in active labor, they can gauge how much interaction they want. This means how much contact they want with their intending parents or even partner for that matter. What’s most important is that surrogates feel as comfortable as possible during this time. After giving birth, surrogates can witness their intending parents cut the umbilical cord and hold their newborn for the very first time.  Many women[...]

January 16, 2018|

6 Things To Know About Being An Egg Donor 2018

An egg donor gives hope to future parents who need their help to conceive. The demand for egg donors is higher than ever. If becoming an egg donor to help someone conceive a child sounds appealing, here’s some other reasons why applying in 2018 may be the best decision yet. It All Starts with An Egg Donor Egg donors help a variety of people. Women unable to use their own eggs due to quality, such as a low reserve, rely on donors. An example of this is women wanting to start their families after 40 once they have a solid career. Sexual orientation is another common reason. Gay men wanting to become fathers need both a donor and surrogate to build their families. Egg donors provide new hope to intending parents who can think of little else than to have a baby.   Why Age Matters Women are surprised to learn that donor candidates are between the ages of 18 to 29. This age group responds best to fertility treatments before an egg retrieval. Egg retrieval is a minimally invasive procedure to extract eggs to create potential embryos.   Priceless Medical Screening Egg donor candidates undergo free medical screenings which cost thousands of dollars. These tests help determine whether an applicant is[...]

January 11, 2018|

More Single Men Turn To Surrogacy

For many single men, the idea of starting a family through egg donation and surrogacy is becoming more and more common. It's estimated that over 2 million men in the U.S. are single dads which is approximately 17% of the single parent population. Just because a man is single, doesn't mean that he can't become a father. Like many women who delay motherhood in lieu of education and a career, many men fall into that same category. Thanks to assisted reproductive technologies, single men and women can become parents through the use of an egg donor and/or gestational surrogate. A Noble Man Bill Guest was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune to share his story about becoming a single father through surrogacy. He cites that while he "wasn't particularly interested in getting married," he "wanted a baby" and "wanted to experience all of the stages of life." Thankfully he found Men Having Babies, a not for profit organization that helps gay men become dads. They helped him understand how surrogacy and egg donation works as well as giving him information on financial assistance programs that were available to him and in the Fall of 2016, he finally became a dad. Patience Is A Virtue Anyone considering egg donation and surrogacy knows that[...]

January 9, 2018|

5 Reasons to Become A Surrogate in 2018

Women ready to become a surrogate in 2018 will help individuals and couples waiting to become parents. Did you want to become a surrogate last year but didn't apply? Well, it’s a new year with new opportunities.  Here are the five reasons why you should submit an application in 2018.   Paying It Forward Women who decide to become surrogates do it for their personal reasons. They want to help someone have a baby. Future parents need a surrogate for a variety of reasons which may range from medical issues to sexual orientation. For whatever reason, intending parents cannot have a baby without the help of a surrogate. Surrogacy agencies only consider applicants who are already mothers. These women had no complications during their pregnancies and had smooth deliveries. They cannot imagine a life without children. It’s for this very reason they want to pay it forward and help others achieve a family.   The Joy of Pregnancy Surrogacy is for women who love being pregnant. They had easy pregnancies when they carried their children. Some moms describe pregnancy as total bliss. It’s because of this they miss being pregnant. When a woman is done building her family, she may consider that being a surrogate is right for her. In fact, so[...]

January 5, 2018|

Here’s What You Need To Know About Choosing A Surrogate

There are many guidelines in choosing a surrogate including making sure the candidate has had healthy pregnancies with no complications. Surrogacy has grown more popular over the years. Whatever the reason someone decides on surrogacy, many intending parents want to learn the best methods for choosing a surrogate.   Why People Choose Surrogacy Intending parents find that surrogacy may be their best option in having a child. A surrogate can help an intending mother who has medical issues and is unable to carry a full-term pregnancy. Examples of this may include: Health issues which make pregnancy risky for both the mother and unborn baby Medications which could have adverse effects such as hormone suppression to stop breast cancer recurrence Uterine conditions A surgical procedure such as a hysterectomy Men may also choose to have a gestational surrogate carry their child. In addition to single heterosexual men, a gay couple requires a surrogate due to their sexual orientation.   Understanding the Two Types of Surrogacy There are two types of surrogacy arrangements that intending parents may consider: Traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy is when a surrogate has biological ties to the baby she is carrying. Most surrogacy agencies do not take part in traditional surrogacy. Instead, they only have contracts with gestational carriers.[...]

December 29, 2017|

4 Things To Know About Egg Donor Agencies

Reputable egg donor agencies follow ASRM guidelines which only consider applicants between 18 to 29 years of age. Women thinking about becoming an egg donor may be surprised to learn about the requirements at egg donor agencies. Here are a few interesting things to consider before submitting the application. Why an Egg Donor Agency Has Age Restrictions Women over the age of 30 and in excellent physical shape are shocked to find out that they do not meet the egg donor age restrictions. Most egg donor agencies follow ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) guidelines. ASRM recommends that donors should be between 18 to 29.  However, most organizations prefer to work with a woman who is at least 21 years of age because of the legal agreements and contracts. Despite how healthy a woman is in her thirties, her egg quality does decrease. This does not make her the ideal candidate for egg donation.  Additionally, fertility medication works better for women 30 and under. The process of egg donation takes time, money, and commitment. Intended parents have waited for this baby for so long. They want to make sure that their donor is within the best age range for her fertility treatments.   Why Donors Must Abstain One of the commitments in[...]

December 20, 2017|

3 Common Surrogacy Virtual Monthly Meetup Topics

Surrogates at a California surrogacy agency receive support and advice during virtual monthly meetups at Extraordinary Conceptions. Since Extraordinary Conceptions launched its Virtual Monthly Meetups, a few topics have frequently been brought up by its surrogates. In the meetups are also repeat surrogates who offer help to women on their first journey. Kristie B., a surrogate who is on her second surrogacy shares a few of the most common topics brought up by new surrogates.   What Can I Expect From The Hospital Delivery? Many surrogates are curious to know what they can expect from a hospital delivery. Kristie is quick to point out how every birth will be different. Whenever Kristie hears this question, she shares her own experience. “For my hospital delivery, the intended parents, their interpreter, and the nanny they hired through Extraordinary Conceptions met my husband and me at the hospital,” she said. Since Kristie had a history of delivering her own children two weeks early, her intending parents were there 14 days before their baby’s due date. The early delivery didn’t happen. Kristie’s due date was March 15, and everyone met at the hospital on March 20 for her induction. “The labor was a long one -- 33 hours to be exact and during delivery, the dad[...]

December 8, 2017|

4 Things Women Want To Know Before Becoming A Surrogate

One thing women want to know before becoming a surrogate is why teaming up with an agency is a good idea. Surrogates have the unique ability to help make parenthood dreams come true. There's no doubt that surrogacy brings so much joy. Here are a few common questions surrogacy agencies hear from women wanting to be surrogates.   Will the Baby I Carry Be Biologically Mine? Surrogacy agencies only partner with gestational surrogates. In addition, this means the women are not biologically related to the babies they are carrying. Though in vitro fertilization (IVF), the surrogate has an embryo transfer. The egg used to fertilize the embryo is either from an egg donor or the intending mother.   Why Should I Go with A Surrogacy Agency? The decision to go with an agency is a personal one.  Equally important, potential surrogates should understand what a surrogacy agency can do for them. The advantages of going with a company can help a woman with the following: Determine the compensation Receive monthly payments Have a life insurance policy Have a surrogacy attorney to draft all documents Travel arrangements if needed Receive emotional support through counseling with a licensed therapist Be matched with intending parents based on personal preferences As a matter of fact, surrogates find that[...]

December 5, 2017|

4 Things Surrogacy Agencies Want Surrogate Applicants To Know

Surrogacy agencies explain there is a wait time after submitting an application to become a surrogate. Reputable surrogacy agencies want applicants to know that there is a process that takes place. There’s a wait time after a woman submits her application to become a surrogate. There are interviews, paperwork to collect, medical appointments, and more. A lot happens behind the scenes at a surrogacy agency. Here’s what surrogacy agencies want women to know.   1. Understanding the Process First, an agency receives a woman’s application to be a surrogate. Many aren’t aware how the beginning steps are the most important. For example, the phone interview that a woman has with a surrogate admissions team member coordinator will gather some valuable details. This talk helps determine if a woman meets the first level of qualifications.  It will also give an agency the data they need on what the right intended parent match would be for this applicant. This may include a same-sex couple or future parents that live outside of the United States.   2. Paperwork and Patience Any surrogacy admissions team member will explain that surrogate applicants are eager to start. However, it’s not a quick process. Jennifer, A., who works at a California surrogacy agency shares that in most cases a lag in[...]

November 24, 2017|

6 Things Egg Donors Want to Know About An Egg Retrieval

There are important things egg donors want to know about egg retrieval day. The medical specialists tell you that you are responding well to hormone medications. While your bloodwork is evaluating your hormone levels, the ultrasound examination is checking out the egg production in your ovaries. You’re ready to become an egg donor – here are six things you want to know about it. NPO After Midnight NPO is a Latin term for “nil per os,” which means nothing by mouth. Because you’ll be under anesthesia, there are some guidelines to follow. While each clinic will have their specific preoperative instructions the day before the egg retrieval procedure, the usual rules are that a patient should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight.   Before You Leave Before you leave for the clinic, remember to wear comfortable clothing. Double check on the things you cannot apply to your body. For example, most fertility clinics tell patients the following for egg retrieval day: No perfume, body lotion, or any fragrance Do not wear makeup No hairstyling products such as hairspray or heavily scented shampoo or conditioner Don’t hesitate to call the clinic or your egg donor agency coordinator if you have any questions about this.   At the Clinic On egg retrieval[...]

November 21, 2017|

What To Expect From A Surrogacy Agency Interview

A surrogacy agency phone interview lasts under an hour and is a great opportunity to ask questions.   The research is done. A surrogate application has been submitted to the best surrogacy agency, right? If all goes well, the next step is an interview with an admissions team member. The Process of a Phone Interview All surrogate applications are screened as they come into an agency. If things look good, the phone interview is up next. This meeting takes about 30 to 45 minutes with an admissions coordinator. Breana J., who works at a California surrogacy agency, shares how this type of interview is all about going over what a surrogacy entails. Women gather more information for themselves and their family during the phone interview. The most important thing a woman will learn is that she will be a gestational carrier. This type of surrogate has no biological link to the baby. The egg used to create the embryo is either from the intending mother or an egg donor.   Discussing the Legal Aspects of Surrogacy Understanding the legal information about surrogacy is best done with a third-party reproduction attorney. However, the phone interview with an agency will answer some important questions, too. They will explain to an applicant how a surrogacy attorney will[...]

November 16, 2017|

Here’s What To Look For In A Surrogacy Agency

There are tools to help find the right surrogacy agency.   The choices can be overwhelming for potential surrogates and intending parents when it comes to choosing a surrogacy agency. Here are some steps people can take early on in the research process.   Don’t Forget the Referrals   People who are thinking about becoming an intended parent or surrogate should speak to someone who has already been through the surrogacy journey. It's a great start to finding the right agency. Intended parents can seek recommendations from the following: Discussing surrogacy agencies with their IVF physician Speaking with a third-party reproductive attorney Scheduling consultations with surrogacy agencies On the other hand, women thinking about becoming a gestational carrier are encouraged to speak with former surrogates for referrals. Another great recommendation can also come from her OB/GYN.   Sifting Through Online Reviews Online reviews are an excellent resource. However, researching them may sometimes be a challenge. In other words, when sifting through those reports, people need to figure out what the person was rating in the review. Was it relevant to good practices at the agency? The longer a surrogacy agency has been in business, more than likely not all reviews will be a five-star rating. Pay close attention to those negative reviews and[...]

November 10, 2017|

Four Things An Egg Donor Should Know

Women thinking about becoming egg donors should research agencies before they apply. Being an egg donor is personally and financially rewarding. Before committing to it, women should have the tools in what to look for in an egg donor agency.   The Internet Reliability Factor Everyone can agree that the internet is the number one place to go when learning about becoming an egg donor. While the information can be helpful, potential donors need to figure out if what they are reading is strictly all marketing. The first try in that internet search may not be so easy. If an egg donor agency is supplying the content, make sure there is also relevant information that matters. Examples of this include the following: What the application process is like What the medical and psychological screening entails How intending parents choose their donor A basic understanding of the legal contracts Medications leading up to the egg retrieval process The best way to receive reliable information is having communication with an egg donor agency. Those questions will get answered.   Why A Reputable Agency Matters Finding the best egg donor agency is one of the most important things a pre-applicant can do to ensure a successful experience. When an egg donor agency has been in[...]

November 2, 2017|

Surrogacy: Understanding Selective Reduction And Termination

Surrogacy agency interviews want to know many things including a surrogate applicant’s views on selective reduction. A surrogacy agency will ask a potential surrogate many questions including her feelings about selective reduction and termination. It is important that an applicant be honest with her answers. By doing so, an agency can match her with likeminded intending parents.   Why Surrogates Need to Check on PGD Testing While potential surrogates research agencies, they may want to add one more thing on their checklist.  And that is finding out if an agency works with fertility clinics that perform a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). This means that embryos undergo tests for possible genetic defects. The tests include the following: Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) for at embryos which may be at risk for genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia. Complete Chromosomal Screening (CCS) tests embryos at risk for diseases such as Down syndrome, Trisomy 21, Edwards syndrome, and Patau syndrome. These tests are known to be up to 98 percent accurate. PGD will help reduce the likelihood of terminating a pregnancy. Testing is done before an embryo transfer. What is Selective Reduction? In some instances, intending parents may decide to have their surrogate undergo a selective reduction. It’s a decision not made[...]

October 10, 2017|

Having A Family After Breast Cancer

Fertility preservation and egg donation can help women who may become infertile after breast cancer treatments While most women receive a breast cancer diagnosis over the age of 45, there are cases of it occurring in younger women during their reproductive years. While these patients are taking the steps they need to battle their cancer, another thing they are encouraged to consider is fertility preservation. There is life after cancer – and this includes building a family.   How Cancer Treatments Affect Fertility Each breast cancer patient and their medical case is different. With that said, depending on the chemotherapy needed, it may have the potential to affect her fertility. Chemo treatments can interfere with reproduction by harming her eggs. While this may not happen to all women, there is always a potential. And it’s this possibility which needs to be well-thought-out. Some patients may not have had children yet. Others may have already had a child or two, but want another at some point in time.  Some patients may need to have a fertility plan in place.   Fertility: Start The Conversation Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy may render a woman infertile by changing the quality and health of her eggs. If possible, it’s important to have this conversation before any[...]

October 5, 2017|

How Kardashian is raising awareness on why surrogacy is needed

Celebrity surrogacy raises awareness on so many important issues.    Media attention has skyrocketed since reports suggested that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are using a surrogate to carry their third child. While some want to keep up with these celebrity stories, something else has happened. The Kardashian news raises awareness on why surrogacy is medically needed.   Surrogacy: Infertility One of the most common reasons why future parents need a surrogate to carry their baby stems from infertility. An example of this is a cancer survivor who becomes infertile following her surgeries or treatments. For a woman, these cases may range from uterine cancer to ovarian cancer which require a hysterectomy. There are also uterine issues which may make conceiving difficult as well as carrying a baby to full term. These causes may include widespread fibroids or uterine scarring. Many future parents who seek surrogacy have thought about it for quite some time.  They realize that a surrogate can help them carry their child.   Surrogacy: Pregnancy Complications Surrogacy is also an option if there are a history of pregnancy complications. Another example is a woman needing a surrogate but she is already a mother. For some particular reason, having another pregnancy is not the best medical choice. This could be for her[...]

September 27, 2017|

How Care Coordinators Help Surrogates

It comes naturally for Breana to build special relationships with her surrogates. When a woman decides to become a surrogate, it’s important that she receives surrogacy support from her agency. Different companies provide their own type of support. Breana, a Care Coordinator at a California surrogacy agency, shares how she helps women during their journey.   Why Support For Surrogacy Matters Breana personally understands the importance of having support during surrogacy. She was a surrogate two times. While she's an Admissions Coordinator interviewing candidates, she’s also a Care Coordinator. A Care Coordinator offers personal and ongoing communication. “I feel like the communication between our surrogates, and our Care Coordinators is just great,” Breana said. There is a total of three Care Coordinators who work at her agency. While Breana offers support, she also wants to know how her surrogates and their families are doing. It’s about building relationships. “I like to find what their kids and family are up to, ” Breana said. “On the surrogacy side of things, I want to see how they are in general including how they are feeling. I also check in on how the communication is going with their intended parents.”   Providing Support For Surrogates As a Care Coordinator, Breana always circles back to make[...]

September 1, 2017|

How Every Surrogate Story Inspires

Women who become surrogates have inspiring stories to share. Every woman who decides to become a surrogate does it for her own reasons. She may have heard a story about a couple struggling with infertility or learned how women might become infertile after cancer treatments. Whatever the reason, it’s her story to tell on why she became a surrogate.   Surrogacy Stories: First Learning About It When a woman partners with a surrogacy agency, she learns that keeping the privacy about her intending parents is part of that process. However, she is free to share her own story about the experience. Shannon, a former two-time California surrogate, decided to do it after she had her children. She came across the idea when she was online one day. That “idea” sat with her for a few years before she applied to an agency. “A few years later after I saw it online, I decided that I did want to be pregnant. I just didn’t want to have any more children,” she said. For Shannon, it was time to help someone who wanted to be a parent. “I thought surrogacy would be the cool thing to do,” Shannon said. And it was. Shannon described the pregnancies with her children as a cakewalk. She never[...]

August 25, 2017|

Here’s How To Find The Best Egg Donor Agency

Extraordinary Conceptions: Top Egg Donor Agency Starting the journey to find an egg donor is an important and life-changing decision. Ensuring that the process runs smoothly and without difficulty starts with selecting a highly experienced and reputable egg donor agency. But with so many agencies out there, how do you know which one to select? Is one really better than another? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Though there are many egg donor agencies that claim to know how to manage a cycle, they may not all have the knowledge and skill needed to guide everyone through the process legally and seamlessly. This is why it is so important to do your research before signing a contract or paying the deposit to an egg donor agency. If you’re wondering how to find an egg donor agency that can help you start your family, read on for some tips! How to find an egg donor agency The first step to finding the best egg donor agency is to try doing a quick search online for egg donor agencies and make sure to read through their reviews. Another option is to call your IVF doctor and ask them for a referral to an agency they recommend. Referrals can also be given by local reproductive[...]

August 4, 2017|

Here’s Why An Egg Donor Is Used In Surrogacy

People are learning more about egg donors and surrogates. Media reports claim that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a surrogate carrying their third child. Since this news went public, people want to learn more about surrogacy. Another topic they are researching is egg donation. When someone decides they medically need to pursue surrogacy to help build their family, in addition to choosing a surrogate, another step in the process is whether they need an egg donor.   Who Considers An Egg Donor? Every situation is different as to why a woman may need an egg donor. Examples of this include the following: Low ovarian reserves or poor quality Ovarian failure triggered by premature menopause A genetic disease which could be transmitted and passed to a baby Research shows that women who are forty years and older may decide that using donor eggs is a safer health option for them and their future child. Studies explain how the number of egg retrieval procedures increased over the years for assisted reproduction. People working in this industry suspect that these numbers may continue to rise particularly for same-sex husbands achieving parenthood through surrogacy.   Learning More About Egg Donor The Process When an individual or couple decide they need an egg donor, the next[...]

July 29, 2017|

Here’s How To Find The Best Surrogacy Agency

The Kardashian West surrogacy news has a lot of people wondering what to look for in a surrogacy agency. In Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian both offered to carry Kim and Kanye’s third child. Even though the family wanted to help, the power couple decided to go to a surrogacy agency instead. Since this was the direction for Kardashian West, it triggered interest from fans on what people should look for in a surrogacy agency. Once intended parents realize that surrogacy is the right decision for them, the next step in the process is finding the right agency to help them achieve those parenthood goals. With so many surrogacy and egg donor agencies to choose from, sifting through each one is a daunting task. Early on, many will come to realize that not all agencies are the same. The standards of surrogates and egg donors can vary concerning the medical and psychological screening process – the more rigorous it is, the more elite the database. While learning how an agency operates, it’s also highly recommended to research the type of care that it offers its surrogates. Examples of this are how well surrogates are compensated, types of benefits they receive, and support they have throughout the entire[...]

July 11, 2017|

Why do seasoned surrogates work at EC?

Shannon, a former EC surrogate, now works at the agency’s Surrogacy Admissions Team department. At Extraordinary Conceptions, every surrogate receives the highest level of personalized care and the attention they deserve. They give so much of themselves to carry a baby for an intended parent so they can experience the love of a child. Extraordinary Conceptions responds by doing all they can to exceed the needs and expectations of its surrogates. The agency is often described by many as being the model example in a compassionate industry. Because of this quality of care, seasoned surrogates are eager to join Extraordinary Conceptions when a position at the agency becomes available. One former surrogate is Shannon who recently accepted her new role in the Surrogacy Admissions Team department. “I was working at another place, and I got a call from the coordinator I had during my last [surrogacy] journey at Extraordinary Conceptions, and she wanted to know if I was looking for a job,” Shannon said. “I got really excited because I kind of always wanted to work here, but I didn’t know how to go about it.” As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. And Shannon is so happy to have walked through Extraordinary Conceptions’ door. “I just love[...]

April 13, 2017|

Maintaining Heart Healthy Goals During Pregnancy

Achieving heart health during pregnancy is important in each trimester. Pregnancy is a wonderful time especially for those who selflessly decided to become a surrogate to help those wanting a child to finally achieve the dream of parenthood. It’s because of surrogates that many individuals and couples can finally build the family they have always wanted. Even though surrogates are already mothers raising their own children, it still helps a great deal for these incredible women to be reminded about achieving heart-healthy pregnancy goals through diet, exercise, regular prenatal care, and getting enough sleep. Pregnancy Goals Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is a regarded physician, author of Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book: Every Woman’s Guide to a Heart-Healthy Life, and spokesperson for Go Red For Women. Her sage advice for those who are pregnant is to return back to basics. “The healthiest diet we’ve seen is the Mediterranean-style diet, which is typically high in high fiber whole grains, nuts and omega-3 fatty acids from fish and olive oil,” she said. Dr. Steinbaum also adds, “Watch your diet and watch your weight; pregnancy doesn’t give you ‘carte blanche’ to eat whatever you want. Remember that you are trying to get nutrients to a growing fetus. Do you want your fetus to be growing on gummy bears? I don’t think so.”[...]

February 17, 2017|

A Huge Thanks To Our Surrogate Applicants

EC's December $2,017 New Surrogate Signing Bonus attracts compassionate attention. The spirit of Christmas is abundant at Extraordinary Conceptions this month, and it’s because of the amazing women who are stepping forward in wanting to become surrogates. Extraordinary Conceptions’ December $2,017 New Surrogate Signing Bonus has stirred a great deal of emotion and a compassionate call to action. “We are incredibly touched by the generous women who apply every month at our agency, including this month. The essence of December is embraced by the spirit of giving, and it’s so evident right now with the women who want to become surrogates to help others become parents in 2017 – they realize that so many individuals and couples could not have a child without their help,” Caballero said. For the entire month of December, new surrogates are eligible to receive a $2,017 signing bonus. Additionally, repeat surrogates who are first-timers with Extraordinary Conceptions, can qualify for a $3,000 Surrogate Signing Bonus by applying during December 2016. For these former surrogates, they must be prepared to immediately begin their surrogacy journey. Complete benefit packages for surrogates start at $40,000, while surrogates residing in California receive their compensation beginning at $45,000 due to the state’s favorable surrogacy laws. Caballero shared that the “spirit of giving” is[...]

December 14, 2016|

DOUBLE Surrogate Signing Bonus in July!

Extraordinary Conceptions celebrates Christmas in July with a $1,500 bonus. The theme of Christmas in July is growing in popularity. While it is celebrated in the southern hemisphere where winters land in the month of July, people all over the world are enjoying the festivities. Being that Extraordinary Conceptions is an international surrogacy and egg donor agency, they decided to take part in Christmas in July in a very big way. Extraordinary Conceptions is offering a DOUBLE Surrogate Signing Bonus during July 2016 for a total of $1,500. It’s like Christmas in July for new surrogates!  “We wanted to join our friends around the world who are celebrating Christmas in July with this special bonus for those who want to help infertile individuals and couples through surrogacy,” said Mario Caballero, CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions. “Qualified applicants from the United States or Canada will receive $750 once medical clearance is issued and another $750 once legal clearance is issued.” Normally, signing bonuses are paid once all screenings and legal contracts have been signed --but not during Christmas in July. Surrogates are mothers who have already had their children and want to help someone create their own family who could not do so without their help. Surrogates can compassionately assist people who have battled infertility or help[...]

July 1, 2016|

EC featured on CCTV

Mario Caballero, CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions Leading surrogacy and egg donor agency, Extraordinary Conceptions, recently appeared on CCTV about the growth of international surrogacy. Mario Caballero, the chief executive officer of the California-based agency, spoke with reporter May Lee to shed light on the global topic which is changing lives one day at a time.The timing of the interview was optimal given the fact that Caballero just returned from an Asian tour discussing surrogacy in the United States weeks before visiting major cities in China and Japan.The news coverage underscored the impact Extraordinary Conceptions has had in helping individuals and couples build their families in China by matching them with American surrogates, primarily women who live in California.While California remains a sought after state because of its surrogacy friendly laws, it was also noted how babies born in the states are granted American citizenship.In the news report, Caballero shared how his agency welcomes roughly 10 to 15 new Chinese clients every month. And Extraordinary Conceptions is delighted that their clients entrust them with such a vital part of their lives in achieving parenthood dreams through surrogacy.Since its recent coverage on CCTV, the agency has received praise for its compassionate work. To view this informative news clip please click here.

June 3, 2016|

Questions Egg Donors Should Ask

A potential egg donor needs to be armed with the right questions when looking for an agency. If you are looking for information about becoming an egg donor, it's easy to find an almost overwhelming amount of information regarding the process, compensation and the agencies you can register with. With so much information available in your search results, it may be difficult to determine what exactly you need to know and better yet, what questions you should ask the agency or agencies you are considering before applying. Becoming an egg donor is one of the most incredible and meaningful decisions a woman can make. She has the ability to help individuals and couples struggling from infertility finally reach their finish line of hope: parenthood. While a potential egg donor can make an extraordinary contribution to intending parents, in the same breath, she needs to be armed with the right questions and knowledge when looking for an egg donor agency. There are specific egg donor questions to ask an agency to make certain that they offer a program which fits impeccable standards. The individual at the agency which will more than likely assist an applicant will hold the title of a donor coordinator. A coordinator will point out that most donors should[...]

March 31, 2016|

The Surrogacy Relationship

  Surrogacy builds relationships in a variety of ways. Surrogacy is such an incredible journey between intended parents and surrogates that relationships have the natural tendency to blossom. In the midst of such a joyful experience, those behind the scenes in an agency have the expertise to match intending parents and surrogate mothers. And one such match is to make certain that both parties are like-minded in regard to the surrogacy process. Surrogate candidates often wonder about the following: Can a surrogate choose her intended parents? Will there be communication between a surrogate and the intended parents? Will a relationship between the surrogate and intended parents continue even after the baby is born? The answers to the above questions are that every surrogacy journey is just as unique as the people taking part in it so every relationship differs. A Surrogate’s Priority: Surrogates are giving so much of themselves that they deserve to choose future parents that they have a rapport with. Following the admissions process at top surrogacy agencies, intending parents will have access to a secure database to peruse candidates. If intending parents choose a particular surrogate, the next exciting step is for the agency’s coordinator to plan a meeting for them either in person or via Skype. Prior to the[...]

March 10, 2016|

Surrogacy Myths Debunked

Dispelling surrogacy requirement myths. It seems that there are myths almost about everything these days. And surrogacy isn’t immune from its own share of myths which stems from the journey down to a candidate’s qualifications. With so many women interested in learning how to become a surrogate, dispelling those untruths is a great place to begin. Surrogacy admission team members offer a wealth of information for interested applicants. In fact, even before filling out an application, there are some leading international agencies which offer surrogate personal prescreening consults to answer questions that potential surrogates may have. According to the top surrogate intake teams, the most frequently asked questions are as follows: Can I become a surrogate if my tubes are tied? Can I become a surrogate if I have had a C-section? Can I become a surrogate if I am over 40?   Tubal Ligation and Surrogacy: If a woman meets all the qualifications and passes her medical screenings, she can still become a surrogate if she has had a tubal ligation. Many women who have completed their families opt for having this procedure. However, in no way does it mean that she cannot carry a baby for intending parents. Gestational surrogacy is the most predominant method of surrogacy around the globe.[...]

February 24, 2016|

Canadian Egg Donors In Demand

As international egg donation begins to evolve, it is presenting more opportunities to intending parents like never before and the need for Canadian egg donors has also emerged. While this is an exciting time for both intending parents and egg donors, it’s always recommended to partner with an international egg donor agency in excellent standing for this memorable journey. Egg donors in Canada embark on this altruistic journey for their very own personal reasons. One may be emotionally pulled toward this knowing that she is helping a woman who became infertile following cancer treatments she underwent years ago or aiding a woman who has a low egg reserve and difficulty conceiving. Whatever the reason may be, Canadian egg donors are helping intending parents achieve dreams of parenthood in more ways than ever before. While egg donors are providing a wonderful gift to those in need, it’s only natural to help potential candidates in their quest for finding the perfect agency. With so many egg donor agencies to choose from, a woman may find the choices overwhelming based on what’s available out on the internet. However, one way to filter out the leading international agencies is by researching them and also having the opportunity to read their reviews. What an egg donor agency’s “great status”[...]

February 16, 2016|

Benefits For Asian Egg Donors

While becoming an Asian egg donor is emotionally and financially fulfilling, another area not to be overlooked is how the journey offers women the opportunity to learn about their overall health. We live in a society where wellness through diet and exercise is incredibly important and health goals are always on the personal radar. While diet and exercise is vital to daily living, the opportunity to gauge one’s body on a pure medical level can raise health goals to another level. Through the egg donor process, someone can be fortunate enough to discover valuable information about their bodies that they never thought possible. And taking part in these are of no charge.   A Special Health Journey For Asian Egg Donors While each clinic may vary, prospective donors will fill out a comprehensive medical history, providing her with family history reflection. Following this is generally a fertility evaluation. Many women who want to become mothers in the future find this test highly beneficial in discovering their potential to produce eggs. If a donor candidate presents for “healthy egg production,” generally the next steps are blood work and cultures. Asian Egg Donors: A Closer Health Look The next health screening phase is typically blood work and cultures, and the tests vary with each clinic. Regarded[...]

December 3, 2015|

Extraordinary Conceptions Visits Spain In November

EC Visits Spain In November In November, individuals and couples who want to make their parenthood dreams come true have the opportunity to meet one of the leading surrogacy and egg donor agencies in the United States. Headquartered in the State of California, Extraordinary Conceptions is returning to Europe to meet with prospective intended parents and provide excellent information on how they can become parents through surrogacy. For those interested in learning about fertility reproduction, egg donation, and surrogacy, please contact Jennifer Carrillo at [email protected] for private meeting reservations or conference bookings during the following dates: Jennifer Carrillo Barcelona - Conference in collaboration with Interfertility:  Saturday, November 7th at 5:00pm (17:00h) Location: Hotel H10 Universitat Address: Ronda de la Universitat, 21 - 08007 Barcelona, Spain * Attendees have the special opportunity to meet and greet individuals whom have successfully achieved their parenthood dreams with Extraordinary Conceptions.*   Available dates for private meetings with Extraordinary Conceptions upon reservation:  Dates: Tuesday, November 10th and Wednesday, November 11th.   Madrid -Conference in collaboration with Interfertility:  Saturday, November 14th at 5:00pm (17:00h) Location: Hotel H10 Orense Address: Calle de Pedro Teixeira, 5 - 28020, Madrid, Spain   * Attendees have the special opportunity to meet and greet individuals whom have successfully achieved their parenthood dreams with Extraordinary[...]

October 26, 2015|

Surrogacy: A Husband’s Story

Thank you so much to our guest blogger who took the time and effort to craft this special piece. We know you will enjoy this read as much as all of us did..... “So, what do you think about surrogacy?” That’s how my “journey” started. My wife and I had been married for about a year (maybe less) when she asked me that question. I knew it would be a big deal for her. After all, she was the one who would be pregnant, not me. I had no idea how much that question would change my life as well. When my wife asked me that question, I was a sailor in the U.S. Navy stationed on a ship in San Diego. We were living in Navy housing on an E-5’s salary with the add-ons the military provides for service members with dependents. We were struggling as most newlyweds do in their first few years of marriage, particularly with the idea of having children. She already had a beautiful daughter from her previous marriage, but I hadn’t fathered any children yet. So, when she asked me that question as soon as I walked through the door, I had a lot of thinking to do. At the time, I’d heard of surrogacy, but I had[...]

September 18, 2015|

Surrogacy Lawyer’s Insight With Today Show

A celebrity battle is underway between Nick Loeb and his ex-fiancée, Sofia Vergara, regarding their frozen embryos. The Today Show is keeping up to date with the accounts as they unfold. This morning, Stephanie M. Caballero, Esq. the founder of The Surrogacy Law Center, shared her legal insight on how the law views frozen embryos. While this is a celebrity case, this is indeed a legal subject which transcends to everyone since the 21st century viewpoint of family building is evolving.

April 30, 2015|

EC Extends Care To Its Community

The month of May is one of miracles and a time for global celebration for Extraordinary Conceptions. An international agency based in San Diego, Extraordinary Conceptions is extending the care they give to their egg donors, surrogates and intended parents to their community this spring. Over the years, Extraordinary Conceptions has come to the realization that a business is only as healthy and strong as their community. One way to nurture this philosophy is by supporting special causes through philanthropic efforts. Extraordinary Conceptions and its team members make an ongoing commitment to give back. On May 3, they will be supporting the 7th Annual Miracle Babies 5K. Being that Extraordinary Conceptions helps individuals and couples build families, it was only natural that a partnership with this nonprofit was inevitable. The race starts at 8 am and the festivities will end at 1 pm. Miracle Babies provides financial assistance and support to families whose babies are in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Since its inception in 2009, they have helped more than 2,500 families and gifted over $775,000. Extraordinary Conceptions is thrilled to take part in this “month of miracles” for Miracle Babies. Please stop by their vendor booth located at the Embarcadero Marina Park South to say, “Hello,” and pick up some fun[...]

April 24, 2015|

A Milestone For California Surrogacy Agency

A buzz of excitement recently whirled at Extraordinary Conceptions, a California based international surrogate and egg donor agency. Celebration was in the air. In addition to a festive Feb. 24 soiree recognizing Extraordinary Conceptions’ 10th anniversary in business, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce visited the company’s headquarters for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mario Caballero, the co-founder and executive director of Extraordinary Conceptions, was delighted with the reception, and most of all, commended his team for the wonderful work that they do. Caballero also reflected how surrogacy played a critical role in his personal life. Both he and his wife battled infertility and surrogacy was their hope. “I can talk from experience because we had a surrogate that helped us. Our children are 13 now,” Caballero said. “Thanks to the help of a surrogate we have children, and it also helped us realize how important it is to help other people that have issues with infertility, and this helped us launch our company.” The need for surrogacy grows with each passing day. Along with infertility, gay husbands also need a surrogate to achieve their own fatherhood dreams. “We need the assistance from women that can help other people start their family,” Caballero said. For the last decade, Extraordinary Conceptions has been regarded as one of[...]

February 26, 2015|

The International Surrogacy Connection

While intended parents living in a different country have a surrogate residing in the U.S.A. carrying their baby, it’s remarkable how the divide between ocean waters is inconsequential. When a reputable agency is at the forefront, the miles between a surrogate and intended parents truly have no bearing when ongoing communication is present. Extraordinary Conceptions, an international surrogacy and egg donor agency, caters to both intended parents here in the states and beyond. It’s incredibly important for them to afford their clients a variety of choices which also includes where in the United States they want their surrogate to live. One of the best surrogacy agencies in California is Extraordinary Conceptions. Their in-depth knowledge is astounding, and they educate their clientele on the other states where surrogacy is legal. When it comes to surrogacy agency reviews, Extraordinary Conceptions is at the top of the list. Every day, this international agency receives warmhearted thanks from its intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. Extraordinary Conceptions shares with their national and international clients that a surrogate living in a different state may provide shorter travel time for future parents, lower airfare and hotel stays, and more reasonably priced medical costs. Many future parents even choose a surrogate living in a state where their own family members or[...]

February 5, 2015|


Like the years before, 2014 has flown by. Left in its path are memories. Our most unforgettable ones are of you, our intended parents, surrogates and egg donors, who continue to leave indelible imprints. Extraordinary Conceptions cannot thank everyone enough for the trust they have graciously imparted to us not only in 2014, but for all the other years which have passed. With our very first steps into 2015, we’d like to turn back to 2014 with infinite gratitude. We are incredibly thankful to our surrogates and egg donors who gave so many individuals the precious gift of a baby. Childless couples who thought they’d never have a family did so in 2014. While we reflect on the happenings of last year, we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize the media for acknowledging the work Extraordinary Conceptions does each and every day. In 2014, Extraordinary Conceptions was featured in both The Rancho Santa Fe News and The Coast News highlighting the company founders. This husband and wife duo struggled with their fertility and eventually had twins via surrogacy more than a decade ago. Their heartfelt story underscored their compassion within the company. Our very own Surrogate Specialist and resident “Surrogate Big Sister,” Christa Lynch garnered some special media attention in 2014. She was featured[...]

January 6, 2015|

Exceeding Expectations Every Day

There are many surrogate and egg donor agencies both nationally and internationally reaching out to women for egg donation, surrogacy, and future parents unable to conceive. However, it’s important to point out that not every agency provides top-tier service. For those who have battled infertility, the idea of having to perform their due diligence in finding the right agency may be overwhelming at first, and this holds true for gay men who want to become fathers. But truly, they need not look further than Extraordinary Conceptions, headquartered in Southern California with an additional office in Colorado. Extraordinary Conceptions is a world-renowned surrogate and egg donor agency who has helped couples all over the globe build families. Its founders struggled from infertility and had their twins years later via surrogacy. Their experiences triggered the creation of Extraordinary Conceptions, and countless parents are so thankful that they did. Unlike other agencies operated by former surrogates, Extraordinary Conceptions is a premier agency. It does far more than merely hang a cyberspace shingle. Their database of egg donors is calculated at over 2,400 – the largest in the nation. Additionally, a group of its special team members are comprised of former surrogates and egg donors. These women wanted to continue their altruistic mission in helping those who are[...]

December 11, 2014|

An Elite Egg Donor Database

Selecting an Egg Donor Extraordinary Conceptions’ egg donor database is not only exclusive, but it’s the largest databank in the nation, totaling more than 2,400 egg donors. On a weekly basis, this elite inventory changes as 10 to 20 egg donors are added following a rigorous protocol. A leading international egg donor and surrogate agency, our comprehensive expertise is considered the most advanced in the field. Globally, we are recognized as having distinct and diverse egg donors. At no cost, Extraordinary Conceptions welcomes future parents to view its impressive online database and profiles for each exceptional donor. Pre-Screened Egg Donor Database Our donors, between the ages of 18 to 29, must undergo and pass extensive screening which include medical and psychological testing, and an inclusive background check. Likewise, Extraordinary Conceptions also has donors who have completed their baccalaureate and post- baccalaureate degrees. Extraordinary Conceptions proudly follows the American Society for Reproductive Medicine egg donor recommendations. Reasons Why an Egg Donor Is Required The demand of egg donors has increased over the years and the percentage is climbing steadily for assisted reproduction techniques. There are a variety of reasons as to why an egg donor is needed which may include the following: A woman has premature ovarian failure A woman has a genetic disorder or[...]

December 10, 2014|

Building families every day

At Extraordinary Conceptions, so many individuals confide in us when they are unable to conceive a child or cannot carry one. We are so honored to be here for them. Over the years, serving as an international egg donor and surrogate agency, we have heard many heartfelt stories. And through it all, our compassion grows stronger. The struggles that they share only strengthen our mission to help them have their baby. By providing them with genuine support, advice and guidance we can achieve their dreams of parenthood. Headquartered in the United States of America, in a southern California coastal town, Extraordinary Conceptions is also an international agency. It has been incredibly important for us to have empathetic team members who are native of the countries we represent. Our Italian consultant, Francesca, shares when she works with Italians they are so appreciative. In many ways, she said, there is an automatic sense of trust. “I am here to help them since I speak Italian and I understand the Italian culture,” said Francesca, adding how that’s a huge benefit for their intended parents. “I know firsthand how difficult it can be dealing with a different culture, such as the United States of America, but I am the connection for Italians wanting to have a child through[...]

November 23, 2014|

Another celebrity blessed by surrogacy

Infertility rates are increasing with each passing year. Coupled with this medical hurdle, numerous same-sex couples are yearning to become mothers and fathers. Gay men in particular, look to surrogates so they can build the family they dreamed of always having. High profile celebrities have emerged, sharing their surrogacy success stories, giving so many individuals the tangible hope of becoming parents one day. A recent star to share her surrogacy news is Jordana Brewster of “Fast and Furious.” While beaming with motherhood pride, Brewster told a Cosmo Latina reporter that surrogacy was taking a step towards faith and confidence. “I couldn’t carry a baby,” she said. “It (surrogacy) taught me a lot to have to rely on someone else to carry my baby for me, because I’m such a private and self-sufficient person. It’s the most intimate leap of faith and trust you can take.” Brewster’s surrogate gave birth to her son, Julian, last year. Surrogacy is enabling couples struggling with infertility the ability to have their own children with a genetic link through in vitro fertilization. In the same breath, surrogates empower women who are unable to carry their own baby. Yes, surrogate mothers who are fueled by compassion, empower future intended mothers. Women choosing the surrogate journey learn that motherhood may not[...]

November 2, 2014|

Breast Cancer Awareness Addresses Infertility

While October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it prompts women to care for their breast care health through education and dialogue. Detecting breast cancer in its early stages remains the ultimate goal. However, the treatment of breast cancer through chemotherapy, radiation, and oral medication may trigger infertility in some patients. If this occurs, it’s important for breast cancer survivors to remember there are different pathways to help fulfill motherhood dreams through egg donation and surrogacy. Before cancer treatments, women do have the option to freeze their eggs if they want to have children in the future. The reason behind this consideration is chemotherapy variations may cause infertility. For younger women, another adjunct therapy following chemotherapy and radiation may be an oral medication. Typically, oral anti-cancer daily medication is recommended for five years. Some women may have few side effects from this daily dose. However, others may be faced with increased infertility issues such as endometrial changes, or in rare instances, endometrial cancer. While a woman empowers herself to fight breast cancer, she must also harness the strength in realizing if she is unable to carry a baby, a compassionate surrogate is there to help. Surrogate mothers are an incredible group of women whose dedication and empathy help breast cancer survivors. For surrogates, being able to[...]

October 14, 2014|

A Stay-At-Home Mother’s Surrogate Journey

For some stay-at-home mothers, becoming a surrogate is a great opportunity. It affords her the ability to be with her children, help someone who is unable to carry a child, and earn a generous compensation. Susan, 26, is a first time surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international surrogacy and egg donor agency. She is also a mother of two young children. A resident of Oregon, Susan is helping future parents living in another state, and is currently 34 weeks pregnant. She learned of surrogacy, she said, through a friend. Once hearing about it, Susan was in awe of how selfless one was by offering such a “kind act” for someone else: the priceless gift of a baby to love. She heard about Extraordinary Conceptions and how wonderful they were to work with through someone she knew. And Susan wholeheartedly agrees.  Extraordinary Conceptions has provided her with great support and she is grateful with their quick responses and replies whenever she needs to connect with them. “They help in any way they can,” she said. For Susan, motherhood has brought her immense joy and love that she never thought possible. “I am done having my own kids and I want to give someone else the chance to experience motherhood,” she said. “I wanted to help make someone’s dream of having[...]

October 9, 2014|

An egg donation journey

Many women wanting to donate their eggs wonder what the process is like and what they can expect. While reading content articles can be beneficial, the best way to discover how it works is to read about someone’s personal experience. Maya, decided to go with Extraordinary Conceptions, because she felt that this international egg donor and surrogate agency was the most genuine in nature. A leading agency, Extraordinary Conceptions helps all people; including Asian families attain their parenthood dreams by its unique matching services. Employed as a professional information technology analyst, Maya was thrilled that her egg donation had been so positive. In fact, she thought it was easier than what she had originally anticipated. Maya has donated more than once. “The schedule is far less demanding than it’s made out to be. The clinics are flexible and appreciate honesty,” Maya said. She continued, “There is minimal discomfort and hardly any real pain beyond what you’d feel during your period.” She described her experience in preparing for the egg retrieval as very simple. She followed her doctor’s orders which included an easy-to-follow diet to help ease any postoperative discomfort. “And everything went smoothly, every time,” she said. Maya went on to say that her recovery was just fine and how important it was to[...]

September 3, 2014|

How surrogates help breast cancer survivors

When a doctor tells a woman, “You have breast cancer,” so many uncertainties and fears run through her mind. While getting scheduled for surgery, a wave of appointments to meet with an oncologist, radiologist, and plastic surgeon if reconstruction is involved is overwhelming. Initially, breast cancer patients are in a fog. While this blinding mist begins to lift, younger women may have another thing to consider: infertility.  Undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer may have the ability to cause sterility. Because of this, before chemotherapy, some women are deciding to freeze their eggs for “fertility preservation.” Following the surgery and cancer treatments, menstrual cycles may return to normal, but for others, they may not.  Additionally, a part of their unforeseen treatment may have been an oophorectomy, where her ovaries were removed.   It is these breast cancer survivors, who may decide to undergo IVF. While some women may achieve pregnancy through IVF, there are others who sadly encounter failed attempts. And this is when surrogate mothers are bringing miracles to breast cancer survivors who went through fertility preservation. Surrogate mothers, a passionate group of ladies, cannot imagine women not being afforded the opportunity to become mothers.  And when they hear how a woman has “fought the cancer fight,” and is unable to move forward in[...]

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