How to Become a Surrogate With Extraordinary Conceptions

Ready to become a surrogate? We’re here to help you out. Together, we can help families grow! You can apply to be a surrogate today—but first, let’s learn about the basics.

If you have more questions before you apply, contact us. We’ll arrange for you to meet with one of our own surrogates so you can speak in detail and hear about the experience firsthand.

Becoming a Surrogate: What are Traditional and Gestational Agreements?

While doing research on becoming a surrogate, you may have heard the terms “traditional” and “gestational.” Confused by what they mean?

In “traditional” agreements, a surrogate is biologically related to the baby she carries. Due to the complicated nature of traditional surrogacy, it is banned throughout most of the world. Whether you want to become a surrogate in the US, Mexico or Canada, you will enter into a gestational agreement, which means that you, as the surrogate, bear no genetic ties to the baby you are carrying. This is the only legal form of surrogacy in North America.

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What are Commercial and Altruistic Surrogacy Agreements?

When becoming a surrogate, location is an important consideration. Where you live will impact the legal requirements of your agreement.

In most US states, commercial surrogacy is legal. Recently, Mexican legislature has also begun to allow for commercial agreements. This type of surrogacy agreement allows for surrogates to receive financial compensation for their role. This payment is on top of other benefits like pregnancy-related expenses and reimbursements and life insurance.

In Canada, all surrogacy agreements are classified as altruistic. In these agreements, surrogates are not paid. However, all of their medical, travel and other surrogacy-related expenses are covered. They will also receive a substantial life insurance package and a strong support network throughout their pregnancy.

Our program accepts qualified gestational surrogate applicants from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Each country has different requirements, steps to the surrogacy process and rules regarding surrogate mother compensation, reimbursements and surrogacy-related expenses.

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Considerations Before You Become a Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate is very rewarding. It’s also a fairly complex process with many steps. Before you apply to be a surrogate, be sure to spend plenty of time considering what it involves and if this journey is right for you. We recommend you speak to your loved ones, trusted healthcare professionals and previous surrogates while you consider this decision.

Every surrogate is different! You will, of course, have your own set of circumstances to consider. However, some of these considerations are a bit more universal.

Think about the following questions:

  • Why Do You Want to Be a Surrogate?

    Identifying your motivations to become a surrogate might take a lot of reflection, but it’s important you take this step. While the financial benefits of surrogacy are attractive to many applicants, the ideal surrogate chooses this role because she wants to make a difference in a family’s life.

  • Do You Meet Surrogate Requirements?

    Before you apply to be a surrogate, confirm that you are eligible for this role. Determining this in advance will help prevent disappointment in the future.

    There are comprehensive rules and regulations about who can become a surrogate. These rules were developed to protect you, your Intended Parents and the coming baby. While the specifics vary slightly depending on location, all applicants must be healthy, smoke and drug-free, within a certain age and BMI range and have previously given birth to their own children.

    If you meet most but not all of the requirements for becoming a surrogate, reach out to our team to see what options may be available to you

  • How Will You Feel?

    This is a rewarding journey! Many of our surrogates remain close with their Intended Family for life. We also see lots of surrogates return to do another cycle with us! However, this experience is different for everybody. Some surrogates find the experience emotionally challenging.

    It’s important to consider your own needs and mindset when entering a surrogacy agreement. Before you apply to be a surrogate, take time to explore what emotions this journey may potentially stir up for you.

  • Where Do You Live?

    In the US, surrogacy is legislated on a state or provincial basis. While most places support surrogacy, there are certain provinces and states that have conditional or restrictive laws about the procedure. Furthermore, your location will determine whether your agreement is altruistic or commercial. Ahead of applying, look into the surrogacy laws in your location. Once you’re aware of the local legislation and surrogacy type, you can submit your application and get the process started!

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