Canada Surrogacy Program

Our agency has been working with egg donors, surrogates and intended parents in Canada since we first opened our doors in 2005 but in 2019 we officially opened an office in Toronto, Ontario to better serve our clients. Our Canadian team bring the same level of professionalism that you have come to expect from Extraordinary Conceptions, USA and now our many clients working with fertility clinics in Canada, have an easier and more convenient access to the best egg donation and surrogacy agency in North America.


  • An alternative, cost-effective option

  • A safe, well regulated, altruistic surrogacy and egg donation approach

  • Your surrogates maternal expenses are covered by Canada’s National Healthcare system therefore reducing overall costs for intended parents

  • Surrogates are located across Canada and will travel to your IVF clinic for treatment – wherever in Canada your clinic is located

  • We work exclusively with and can refer you to top-rated IVF doctors and clinics in Canada

  • Close ties with the most experienced Canadian reproductive attorneys who help ensure the entire process is completed safely and within the Canadian surrogacy regulations

We’re Honored to be Part of Your Journey!

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