The Surrogacy Process and Journey to Becoming a Surrogate

There are numerous steps involved in the surrogacy process— and they’re all worth it!
Learn about the surrogate procedure and learn the resources that we offer women who choose this wonderful journey.

An Overview of theSurrogacy Process

Learn the Steps to Becoming a Surrogate

If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, Extraordinary Conceptions is here to support you on your journey. Whether this is your first time, or you’ve previously been a surrogate, we imagine that you have a few questions before diving in— and we’re here to answer them.

The surrogate procedure  is a rewarding one, but it’s also fairly complex. This stands to reason; it’s a big deal, and every step is in place to protect you, the baby, and their intended parents. That’s why we’re here— to help you navigate each step of this enriching and beautiful journey.

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What is the Process of Surrogacy?

Everything You Need to Know

The surrogate mother process is lengthy, but it’s straightforward. Here at Extraordinary Conceptions, the process begins at home— potential surrogates can check their eligibility and begin their online application. Once your application has been accepted, your profile will be added to our database for intended parents to peruse. Eventually, you’ll be chosen, and the steps to becoming a surrogate can begin.

Every agency operates slightly differently, but at Extraordinary Conceptions, we’ve broken our process down into a ten-step system. This allows for both potential surrogates and intended parents to easily digest, understand, and prepare for the process to come.

Surrogacy Process Step by Step

Breaking Down the Surrogate Mother Process

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we’ve broken down the surrogacy process, step by step:

1. Check Eligibility

We recommend that, before applying, surrogates research their eligibility. There are several legal requirements to becoming a surrogate— this is to protect the surrogate, intended parents, and coming baby. If you’re considering surrogacy, have a look at our checklist. If you meet all of the requirements, you can move onto step two.

In general, American surrogates must:

  • Be between the ages of 21-45 (EC has a unique program for carriers between 39 and 45 years of age)

  • Have a BMI below 36 (EC has a unique program for carriers with a BMI between 30 and 36)

  • Have no more than 5 c-sections (EC has a unique program for GC’s with 3 or more c-sections)

  • Have no more than 8 deliveries (EC has a unique program for carriers with more than 6 deliveries)

  • Have given birth previously and currently live with their child

  • Not smoke or have any illicit drug use, nor have any history of illicit drug or alcohol dependence

  • Be financially stable and not receiving- section 8/HUD or welfare

  • Be a US citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Have a driver’s license and/or reliable transportation

  • Have no previous felonies (same goes for spouse/partner and any other adults living in the household)

  • Have no history of the following mental health diagnosis- schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or major depressive disorder

  • Currently not on any medication unsafe for pregnancy, including medication for mental health issues (including anxiety or depression) and/or the ability to safely wean from the medication

2. Submit Application

Congratulations, you meet all the requirements to be a surrogate! It’s time for you to submit an application. That can be done right here on our website at your convenience— be sure to use as much detail as possible!

Once you submit your application, you’ll get a call from the Extraordinary Conceptions team to answer your queries and discuss your pre-eligibility. We’ll set up an official phone interview during this call, as well.

During the application process, we ask potential surrogates to provide 6-10 photographs over email. This is so intended parents can get a better idea of who you are!

3. Surrogacy Admissions Interview

Our initial interview is usually on the phone. The interview lasts between 30-60 minutes and discusses both your surrogate profile as well as the general process. At the end of our chat, you’ll be given a post-interview packet to fill out and return. Once that’s complete, we can add you to our database.

4. The Matching Process

Let the matching begin! Once you’re Available in our database, intended parents can see your profile— you will also be assigned your Surrogacy Coordinator to help facilitate this process. When intended parents select your profile, you’ll hear from your coordinator to plan a call to meet them. Following this meeting, you’ll all be given time to consider and decide whether it’s the right match.

5. The Screening Process

It’s a match! Once you and your intended parents have chosen each other, it’s time to make things official. That means you’ll need to undergo some tests.

Typically, potential surrogates undergo a psychological evaluation with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). They will also visit their intended parents’ chosen IVF clinic for medical screening, which will include blood work and a full physical. In some cases, your doctor might suggest additional tests. This is all to ensure your utmost health during your potential pregnancy.

6. The Legal Process

Following medical clearance, it’s time to begin the legal portion of the surrogacy process. This involves the development of a contract with your intended parents and both your attorneys. Generally, this begins with the intended parents and then moves to your party. The overall process lasts around 2-3 weeks and is paid for by the intended parents.

During this process, you and your intended parents will develop a birth plan. This will ensure a smoother surrogate procedure, particularly on delivery day!

7. Medications and Monitoring

Once the contracts are signed, it’s time to prepare for your embryo transfer and eventual pregnancy. First, you will receive a calendar and list of necessary medications from your IVF clinic. In most cases, surrogates begin taking medication 3 weeks before their transfer, but this will differ from clinic to clinic.

Depending on your IVF clinic, your medications might be taken orally, as an intramuscular injection, or as a vaginal suppository. In some cases, surrogates are asked to visit their clinic for lining or blood tests to ensure a proper bodily response to the medication.

8. The Embryo Transfer

It’s time for your transfer! This fairly quick and painless procedure will consist of your IVF doctor using a small catheter to insert embryos into your uterus. You are asked to bring a companion with you, and your intended parents may come as well.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we offer to arrange travel and hotel accommodations for surrogates who are not local to the area, as well as their companion. Following your procedure, you will be advised to take at least a day of bed rest. The exact amount of time will depend on your doctor’s recommendation.

9. Post Transfer and Pregnancy

About two weeks after your transfer and bed rest, you’ll need to take a beta blood test to determine your body’s hCG levels and confirm pregnancy. Once pregnancy has been confirmed, you will schedule your first ultrasound for 4-5 weeks after the initial transfer. This exciting appointment will confirm the fetal heartbeat!

Following this ultrasound, you will be monitored by the IVF clinic until given the go-ahead to “graduate” to an OB/GYN for the rest of your pregnancy.

10. Delivery

After months of waiting, the moment has arrived: it’s time to deliver! In most cases, surrogates give birth at their local hospital, with the intended parents will be right by their side.

Following delivery, many surrogates remain close friends with their intended parents and have a great relationship with the child they carried. Some love it so much, they even choose to become a surrogate multiple times!

Why Extraordinary Conceptions?

We’re Experts on the Steps to Becoming a Surrogate

As you can see, the surrogate mother process is a big commitment— but it’s worth it. It is so rewarding to give the gift of family to another parent and is an experience that will enrich the rest of your life. To get the best possible experience, it’s recommended that potential surrogates work with a reputable fertility agency— that’s where Extraordinary Conceptions comes in.

Here at Extraordinary Conceptions, we stand by our surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents for every step of their journey.

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We offer our surrogates:

  • A generous compensation package in surrogacy-friendly states
  • A hefty signing bonus once you’ve been legally cleared
  • Substantial benefits package valued at up to $8,000* that includes compensation for wages lost, pregnancy needs, childcare, housekeeping, and more
  • A supportive team, and one-on-one attention from a Surrogacy and Care Coordinator
  • $750,000 to $1,000,000 Life Insurance policies— these can be used after your pregnancy is complete
  • Peer support by way of LMFT-conducted group meetings with surrogates exactly as far along as you

You can begin taking the steps to becoming a surrogate today by submitting an application. If you have any questions in the meantime, get in touch with our team. You can set up a FREE consultation by texting “EVAL” to our Admissions Department at 760-292-2252.  If you want to give us a call, ask for the Admissions Department at 760-438-2265.

We are excited to meet you and be a part of this journey.

Read About Becoming a Surrogate From Women Like You!

Take a look at what some of our own surrogates have said about their experience with Extraordinary Conceptions:

“Any “difficult” parts of the pregnancy were immediately erased the moment I saw the look on my Intended Parents’ faces. It was pure joy for all of us!”

“Seeing the parents hold their baby for the first time was the best part of my journey and I knew immediately that I wanted to do this again”
“Extraordinary Conceptions really made the process of surrogacy a wonderful one. Always making me feel comfortable and being there to answer every single question. Thank you for introducing me to my intended parents and letting me help make their dreams come true.”
“I just wanted to thank you guys for working so hard with us to make this happen! I feel so grateful being able to help such an awesome couple.”

We’re Honored to be Part of Your Journey!

Apply to become a surrogate with Extraordinary Conceptions today, and someone from our team will be in touch with you very shortly. We are honored and excited to help you take the steps to making a family’s dreams come true.

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