Glossary of Egg Donor Terminology

We know that navigating through the process of egg donation can be confusing, so we created this glossary webpage for commonly used keywords for egg donation. Please see our “Getting Started” page to learn more about the egg donation process from start to finish. You can also click HERE to be taken directly to the egg donor application is you’re ready to take the next step and apply as an egg donor. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us directly.

Egg Donor Database

An Egg Donor Database shows potential egg recipients details about you including education, ethnicity, physical traits, pictures, etc.  This system excludes identifying information about a potential egg donor such as your name or contact info.  We have an extremely secure database in order to protect the privacy of all of our clients. For the donation process, recipients would refer to you by the specific ID number (ex. 123456) given to you when you apply with us.

IVF Clinic/Fertility Clinic

The IVF Clinic or Fertility Clinic is the location where all of your IVF medical procedures will be completed. The IVF clinic is chosen by the recipients based on the physician they have chosen to work with.

Monitoring Clinic

If the IVF clinic is not near your home, we will help find a local monitoring clinic who will oversee your medication monitoring before traveling for your retrieval at the actual IVF clinic.

Intended Parent(s)

Intended Parents are the recipients of egg donation. They may also be referred to as “IPs” or Future Parents. You may also see the terms “IM” for Intended Mother or “IF” for Intended Father.


This injectable medication may be used to prepare your body for the retrieval process. Each clinic has their own protocol, so your specific IVF clinic will provide the exact information on any/all medications needed for your egg donation cycle.

Medical Screening

During a medical screening, you will take a series of tests to determine that you are healthy enough for egg donation. This includes a physical examination, genetic testing, STD testing and drug/nicotine screening as well as any other testing the chosen IVF clinic deems appropriate in order to medically approve you for egg donation. You must receive “medical clearance” to donate your eggs.

Psychological Evaluation/Screening

A psychological evaluation is required to ensure that egg donors are ready to handle the donor requirements from a medical and legal perspective. This helps us ensure that you understand the process and procedure involved.

Trigger Shot

A Trigger Shot is a shot that is administered when the hormone levels are ideal and ready for egg retrieval, usually within 24 hours of the retrieval procedure. The exact medication for this shot may vary, but may be hCG or Lupron. Your IVF clinic will provide the exact information on any/all medications needed for your egg donation cycle.


The IVF clinic will send our agency various written requests/requisitions throughout your donation cycle. These requests are for things such as your medical screening appointment, ultrasounds or blood tests, monitoring appointments, etc. You may also receive copies of these forms depending on the IVF Clinic’s protocol. To learn more about egg donation and how you can become an egg donor, please contact us today.  We’re happy to answer all of your questions about the process, and help you understand if egg donation is right for you.