How to Become A Surrogate In Canada

Learn all about surrogacy in Canada from trusted experts. At Extraordinary Conceptions, our team will walk you through how to become a surrogate mother Canada-wide. Learn more today!

Surrogacy in Canada: An Overview

Wondering how to become a surrogate mother in Canada? Here, you can find useful information on how to be a surrogate in Canada, from understanding the laws surrounding compensation and “altruistic surrogacy” to ensuring that you will qualify to apply. Of course, if you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, please reach out to our team. We’ll be happy to speak with you.

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Is Surrogacy Legal in Canada?

Yes! Surrogacy is legal in Canada and is an increasingly mainstream option for families struggling with fertility. That being said, if your previous understanding of the surrogacy process comes from US-based research or experience, you will notice a key difference between the two.

While surrogacy is legal in Canada, only a specific form of the process is allowed: altruistic surrogacy.

While altruistic surrogates are reimbursed for pregnancy-related expenses like maternity clothes and food, they do not receive any additional compensation for their services. The surrogate herself will not pay for anything. The intended parents will handle things like obstetrician costs.

Why Should Surrogate Mothers Choose Extraordinary Conceptions?

The surrogacy process is an exciting and life-changing one. It’s also relatively complex and involves large medical and legal undertakings. Allowing experts to guide you along will help keep you safe, and it’s also best for the intended parents and coming baby.

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we are here to help every step of the surrogate process, from your application to matching to screening to birth. We know what an enormous undertaking and responsibility surrogacy can be and have several services to help support you during this time. Many of the women on our team have been surrogates themselves and are happy to give you personal support and advice as you navigate this generous gift you are giving another family.

Canadian Surrogate Requirements

Before you apply to become a surrogate, we recommend double-checking that you are eligible for surrogacy in Canada. In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • Be a mum yourself; only those who have previously given birth and live with their child are eligible

  • Be at least 21, and no older than 45

  • Have a BMI below 35

  • Be in good physical and mental health, without any chronic medical conditions or history of pregnancy complications. Candidates with diagnosed schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder or major depressive disorder are not eligible to become surrogates.

  • Not have previously had more than five C-sections

  • Be a nonsmoker. You must also have no history of illicit drug or alcohol dependence

  • Have a driver’s license or reliable transportation

  • Have proof of reliable income

  • Have a clean record with no previous indictable offenses. This rule also goes for your partner and/or any other adults living in your household

  • Not be taking any medication deemed unsafe for pregnancy. This includes medication for mental health issues, including anxiety or depression. In some cases, you may still be eligible if you can safely wean off the medication

If you don’t meet all of the requirements, but still believe you would make an ideal candidate for surrogacy in Canada, please get in touch with our team. Depending on your unique history and circumstances, we may be able to sort something out.

Surrogate Process in Canada

Before you apply to become a surrogate, it’s important to understand the process ahead. While the steps to becoming a surrogate in Canada can be fairly involved, we’ll always be here to support you. Here, we’ve broken it down into 9 easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Application To begin your surrogacy process, submit an application to our team at Extraordinary Conceptions. We recommend being thorough and including as much information as possible, including 6-10 photos of yourself. (These are for us to show potential intended parents!)Soon, we’ll contact you for a pre-qualification interview, which is done over the phone. Here, we can answer all your questions!
  2. Interview Process Your phone interview with Extraordinary Conceptions will last from 30-60 minutes and involves a review of your application and profile. Following the interview, you will be given a packet to fill out and return to us. Once we’ve received it, we will make your profile available to intended parents for viewing.
  3. Matching Once your profile goes live, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Surrogacy Coordinator who will show your details to potential matches. When a family shows interest in your profile, your coordinator will arrange a call for you all to meet. You will both then have time to decide if you are a mutual match.
  4. Screening Once you’ve matched with a family, the screening process begins. We understand that this is one of the more involved parts of the process, which is why we’re here for you! In order to safely become a surrogate, you will be required to undergo psychological screening with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as undergo extensive physical testing. The physical screening will involve blood work, among other standard examinations.
  5. Legal Arrangements When you’ve been medically and psychologically cleared, it’s time to begin your legal surrogacy agreement. First, the intended parents will draft a contract with their lawyers. This will involve mutual decisions like a birth plan. Then, you will work with your attorney to make sure it works for your needs. This process typically lasts 2-3 weeks and will be paid for by the intended parents.
  6. Medications and Monitoring Once the contracts have been signed, you will begin to prepare for embryo transfer. This will involve taking medication as well as visiting your IVF clinic for monitoring and testing. The specifics of this step will depend on which clinic your intended parents have chosen.
  7. The Embryo TransferThe embryo transfer is performed by an IVF doctor where a small catheter will be inserting the embryo into your uterus. Typically, it is not a very painful procedure. Following your transfer, you will likely be asked to rest for a period of time, usually 1-5 days. This will depend on your IVF doctor.In some cases, your intended parents may wish to join this step. Regardless of their attendance, we ask you to bring a companion to your embryo transfer. For those who have come from elsewhere for this procedure, both your hotel and travel costs are paid for.
  8. Post-Transfer and Pregnancy After your embryo transfer procedure, you will undergo a beta blood test to confirm pregnancy. This is usually 10-14 days after the procedure. If you are indeed pregnant (yay!), you will have your first ultrasound at your IVF clinic 4-5 weeks after the transfer. Eventually, you will begin seeing an OBG-YN for the remainder of the pregnancy.
  9. DeliveryThe time has come! Your delivery will take place at a local hospital, and in most cases, your intended parents will be present. Congratulations on completing a beautiful journey and giving the biggest gift to another family.

What Are the Benefits of Surrogacy in Canada?

Canadian surrogate mothers and intended parents both benefit from extraordinary healthcare access, which helps pay for maternal expenses and employs dedicated, renowned clinicians. These important elements make for a safe, straightforward, and comfortable surrogacy experience for everybody involved!

How to Be a Surrogate in Canada

If you are considering surrogacy in Canada, our team is here to help. With us, you can receive the support you need every step of the way, from making the decision to become a surrogate to applying to carrying and delivering the baby.

If you’re ready to discuss surrogacy with our team, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]. We are honoured to be a part of your journey and look forward to supporting you during this exciting time.

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