3 Common Surrogacy Virtual Monthly Meetup Topics

Surrogates at a California surrogacy agency receive support and advice during virtual monthly meetups at Extraordinary Conceptions.

Since Extraordinary Conceptions launched its Virtual Monthly Meetups, a few topics have frequently been brought up by its surrogates. In the meetups are also repeat surrogates who offer help to women on their first journey.

Kristie B., a surrogate who is on her second surrogacy shares a few of the most common topics brought up by new surrogates.


What Can I Expect From The Hospital Delivery?

Many surrogates are curious to know what they can expect from a hospital delivery. Kristie is quick to point out how every birth will be different. Whenever Kristie hears this question, she shares her own experience.

“For my hospital delivery, the intended parents, their interpreter, and the nanny they hired through Extraordinary Conceptions met my husband and me at the hospital,” she said.

Since Kristie had a history of delivering her own children two weeks early, her intending parents were there 14 days before their baby’s due date. The early delivery didn’t happen. Kristie’s due date was March 15, and everyone met at the hospital on March 20 for her induction.

“The labor was a long one — 33 hours to be exact and during delivery, the dad had to step outside because I was crying from exhaustion and he couldn’t handle it. The mom, nanny, and interpreter were all in the room with me when the baby was born,” Kristie said.

Kristie’s husband stepped away to take his children out for a quick dinner. When he returned to the hospital, his wife already gave birth to her surro-baby.

“My husband was shocked and sad that he missed the birth,” she said.


3 Common Surrogacy Virtual Monthly Meetup Topics

Does the Newborn Stay In The Same Room As The Surrogate?

Like before, every situation is different. After Kristie delivered her intending parents’ baby, the newborn did stay in the same room with her. The nurses were cleaning him up and checking his APGAR score. Kristie’s intending parents were there, and the nanny stepped in to help out.

“The nanny changed the first diaper because Mom was afraid to hold or hurt the baby,” Kristie said.  “I assured them they wouldn’t hurt the baby. My husband and I held the baby and showed them how easy it was.”

Mom felt better and held her son for the first time with a look of love Kristie will never forget.

Because there was not a nursery on site, the newborn was in NICU. Typically, intending parents have a room at the hospital. If that’s not available, they usually return to their hotel.

Kristie was released 12 hours after delivery. She and her husband took photos of her intending parents holding the baby.

“I walked out of the hospital with my intending parents, and from there, they took their baby, and we said our final goodbyes,” she said.

To this day, Kristie still keeps in touch with them.

3 Common Surrogacy Virtual Monthly Meetup Topics

Do The Intended Parents Stay In The Delivery Room?

All hospitals have their policies. Kristie recommends that surrogates and intending parents check out those rules beforehand.

“My intending parents were there for most of it, except Dad…who had to step out!” Kristie said.