3 Things Surrogates Want to Know About the Delivery

Many surrogates want to know about the delivery process for when they give birth. 

For surrogates and their intending parents, the countdown to delivery day is the most exciting part of all. It’s natural that blended with the excitement are some nervous feelings, too. Here’s what surrogates want to know about the delivery and what happens afterward.


Are the Intending Parents in The Delivery Room?

Every hospital has their particular policies about the delivery. So, it’s important to check that out ahead of time. If a woman is working with a surrogacy agency, the company will take care of that.

When a surrogate arrives at the hospital, she will experience similar care to when she had her own children. Of course, what’s different is how much communication she wants with her intended parents when her labor increases.

When surrogates pass stage two labor and are in active labor, they can gauge how much interaction they want. This means how much contact they want with their intending parents or even partner for that matter. What’s most important is that surrogates feel as comfortable as possible during this time.

After giving birth, surrogates can witness their intending parents cut the umbilical cord and hold their newborn for the very first time.  Many women agree these are the best memories of all.


3 Things Surrogates Want to Know About the Delivery

What Happens After the Delivery?

According to Kristie B., a two-time surrogate for a California surrogacy agency, her surrogacy births were just like any other birth.

“They (medical staff) came in, did tests, and checked on the baby and me,” she said. “Later on, the birth certificate person came in talked with my intending parents and worked that out.”

A surrogacy attorney takes care of these legal arrangements in advance. Surrogacy agencies refer both intending parents and surrogates to a lawyer that specializes in third-party reproduction.

A surrogacy agency will also make plans ahead of time for a surrogate to have her own room following the delivery.


3 Things Surrogates Want to Know About the Delivery

What Do Surrogates Experience After the Delivery?

Delivery is a unique experience for every woman. After the baby was born, Kristie felt happiness for the parents and a personal reward for all the hard work she accomplished.

“I was just ready to eat and sleep because 33 hours was such a long labor not to be able to eat or sleep. Once I saw the parents and the joy and love on their faces at getting to meet their son finally, I felt like he was going to be so loved,” Kristie said. “He was in great and loving hands with his mom and dad.”