6 Things To Know About Being An Egg Donor 2018

An egg donor gives hope to future parents who need their help to conceive.

The demand for egg donors is higher than ever. If becoming an egg donor to help someone conceive a child sounds appealing, here’s some other reasons why applying in 2018 may be the best decision yet.

It All Starts with An Egg Donor

Egg donors help a variety of people. Women unable to use their own eggs due to quality, such as a low reserve, rely on donors. An example of this is women wanting to start their families after 40 once they have a solid career.

Sexual orientation is another common reason. Gay men wanting to become fathers need both a donor and surrogate to build their families.

Egg donors provide new hope to intending parents who can think of little else than to have a baby.


6 Things To Know About Being An Egg Donor 2018

Why Age Matters

Women are surprised to learn that donor candidates are between the ages of 18 to 29. This age group responds best to fertility treatments before an egg retrieval. Egg retrieval is a minimally invasive procedure to extract eggs to create potential embryos.


6 Things To Know About Being An Egg Donor 2018

Priceless Medical Screening

Egg donor candidates undergo free medical screenings which cost thousands of dollars. These tests help determine whether an applicant is eligible to become a donor. These tests not only provide data to an egg donor agency and fertility clinic, but it’s valuable to a donor. She will receive useful information about her own reproductive health.

6 Things To Know About Being An Egg Donor 2018

Traveling May Be an Option

Reputable egg donor and surrogacy agencies based in the United States are also international. During the application and interview process, a woman will indicate if she is open to travel. If so, she may go anywhere in the United States or even overseas. During the retrieval, a donor can bring a companion. The egg donor agency pays for all travel and hotel expenses.


6 Things To Know About Being An Egg Donor 2018

Personal and Financial Rewards

Egg donors agree that being able to help a family have a child through donation is empowering. Agencies reimburse donors for their time and commitment starting at $5,000 and up. Also, repeat donors may be eligible to receive a higher amount.

The common uses for this money are to help with college costs, paying bills, putting a down payment on a car, or going on vacation.

Many women are also surprised to learn that there are donors in demand such as those who are currently enrolled or graduated from an Ivy League university. Other women in demand are full Asian descent.


 6 Things To Know About Being An Egg Donor 2018
Not All Egg Donor Agencies Are the Same

It’s important to remember that egg donors go through a medical procedure following a cycle of medication. With that said, women need to partner with a reputable agency who works with top fertility clinics and doctors. Working with a professional and compassionate company will make all the difference in the world. Team members will be available and will help an egg donor every step of the way.