Become an Egg Donor

Wondering how to become an egg donor? Our team at Extraordinary Conceptions is here to guide you through this exciting journey.

Become an Egg Donor

Women who become an egg donor typically find the experience to be a very fulfilling one. Rewarding as the process might be, it’s also rather involved with multiple steps. Although the road to becoming an egg donor takes some time, it is well worth the wait, and with Extraordinary Conceptions, you’ll have a dedicated team of experts by your side each step of the way.

What is Egg Donation?

The term “egg donation” refers to a process in which a baby is conceived by using another woman’s egg. That woman is known as an egg donor. With this basic understanding, it will be easier to grasp the ins and outs of the overall process of how to donate your eggs

The egg donation process involves several steps, from matching and screening to the eventual retrieval and implantation of the egg itself. Typically, retrieved donor eggs are fertilized in a lab before being implanted using IVF or a similar technique. Although this is the typical egg donation roadmap, the exact specifics of how to donate your eggs will depend on you, your doctors, and your intended parent(s.)

Why Become an Egg Donor with Extraordinary Conceptions?

At Extraordinary Conceptions, our egg donors, surrogates, and parents are all treated with genuine respect and care as they navigate this exciting but sometimes unfamiliar process. We ensure that every step of the journey, from matching to welcoming a baby, is easy, comfortable, and positive. We are here to support you all during this unforgettable experience. 

When you become an egg donor with Extraordinary Conceptions, you will receive dedicated care support from our team, as well as generous compensation, which starts at $5,000. Any other related costs, like travel, medical expenses, and insurance, will be covered by your intended parent(s.) As the donor, you won’t be paying anything. After all, you’re already contributing a pretty big gift!

Egg Donation Requirements

Wondering how to become an egg donor with Extraordinary Conceptions?  Your first step is to ensure you’re eligible. To protect everybody involved, we have several requirements for potential egg donors. If you are considering egg donation, we recommend you check the requirements before submitting an application to become an egg donor.

To donate eggs with Extraordinary Conceptions, you must:

  • Want to make an enormous difference in another family’s life!

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 29

  • Have a BMI of 30 or less

  • Not smoke, vape, or use recreational drugs.  However, once you’ve quit smoking for over two months, you may be eligible!

  • Be in good health and not currently using Depo Provera

  • Have no history of genetically transmitted diseases, any STDs over the past year, and no history of HIV/AIDS

  • Not currently be breastfeeding. You are welcome to apply once baby is weaned!

You will also need to be willing to undergo and understand the overall donation process in order to donate eggs. This includes:

  • Extensive screening (both medical and psychological)

  • Daily injections as preparation towards donation

  • Attendance of mandatory monitoring appointments

  • An outpatient procedure

  • Potential instructions to avoid physical activity in the days surrounding retrieval.

Beyond the overall requirements, many parents have specific requirements for their egg donors. Often, intended parents choose donors with the same physical or personality traits as themselves. Other times, intended parents may look for highly educated donors. For some parents, choosing a donor with the same culture or heritage is also important. 

As you’re getting ready to embark on your egg donation journey, know that it’s critical to be honest when submitting your application, particularly about medications. Please note that donors who provide misleading information will be responsible for their own travel and medical costs. If you are unsure about any of the requirements or want to double-check anything, please contact our team. Remember, we’re here to clarify anything!

The Egg Donation Process

Wondering how to donate your eggs but find the overall process complicated? We’ve broken the overall process down into seven easy steps for you:

1. Application

Once you’ve confirmed that you tick all the requirement boxes, it’s time to submit your application to become an egg donor. This can be done right here on our secure website. Once you’ve submitted, a member of our team will get in touch with you to make sure your application is complete. We will also ask you to provide 15 photographs of yourself during this time. These pictures should be from both your childhood and present-day to help parents imagine what their baby will look like. 

2. Matching

Once your profile is completed and approved, you’ll be searchable on our database. Only potential parents will be able to access this database, and it is very secure! Eventually, a family will select your profile as their favorite. At this point, we will contact you to begin the screening process.

3. Screening

Once you’ve matched up to your intended parent(s), you’ll be booked in for a medical screening appointment. This will involve a physical exam, blood tests, genetic testing, as well as drug and STD screenings. The screening process will also involve psychological testing and a background check. Overall, the screening period is a great time for you to ask your clinician any lingering questions you have about the medical side of the donation process. On average, screening takes 3-6 weeks to complete.

4. Legal

The legal process for egg donation exists to protect everyone involved, including the coming baby. During this time, you will work with your intended parent(s) and your own individual reproductive law attorneys to develop a legal contract. This contract will discuss all the related terms of your agreement and takes around 3 weeks to complete. 

5. Medication and Monitoring

After your contracts are signed, it’s time to begin your medication and monitoring. You will begin taking daily injections to help stimulate egg development. Additionally, you will visit your doctor frequently during this period to ensure that your body is responding properly to the medications. Here, you may be having a blood test and/or ultrasound. 

6. Retrieval

The time has come! The egg retrieval process is minimally invasive and takes under an hour. You will be given a mild sedative before the procedure and may go home after resting for about 30 minutes onsite. 

7. Recovery 

You did it! Although, in some cases, doctors request a follow-up consultation, many egg donors finish their process after the retrieval procedure. Once you get home, cozy up and relax. You may be told to avoid physical strain for a couple of days. Some donors report mild cramping following their procedure. Typically, donors receive their compensation 10 days after their retrieval procedure. 

From matching to retrieval, most egg donation processes take 12-16 weeks.

What is the Typical Compensation for Women who Donate Eggs?

In many cases, egg donors receive generous financial compensation for their time and gift.  However, the details of compensation will depend on your location and individual circumstances. 

Certain locations, like Canada, do not allow for egg donors to receive compensation. That said, donors are still reimbursed for any medical or travel costs associated with the process. 

In places where compensation for egg donation is legal, like the USA, first-time donors receive a rate of $5,000 or over. Some egg donors fall into what’s called a “higher demand” category and may receive higher compensation. Note that the money received by donors is not for their eggs themselves but for the donor’s time, energy, and dedication.

Preparing for Your Journey

Extraordinary Conceptions has two locations in San Diego, California and Toronto, Canada, but our donors and intended parents are located all over the world. No matter where you are, you are invited to work with us. In fact, you don’t need to be a US or Canadian citizen to make an egg donation with us. However, if you live overseas, you will have to travel for your screening and retrieval appointments. Many donors love this aspect of the process, as it allows for travel and the opportunity to explore a new place.

During the 3 to 4 months of your egg donation process, you may have to follow particular rules. For instance, egg donors are asked to abstain from heterosexual intercourse during this time to avoid unintended pregnancy as the medications taken for egg donation cause extreme fertility. While receiving injections, you will also be asked to refrain from drinking alcohol or engaging in strenuous exercise.

So, why become an egg donor with Extraordinary Conceptions? Don’t let us tell you. Instead, listen to your peers. As you prepare for your application and journey as an egg donor, you might find our testimonials page helpful! It’s a great way to read about real-life donation experiences from other young women who have already worked with us. Seeing their perspective can help give you a better idea of what to expect and why so many people choose to work with us.

If you are ready to begin your journey as an egg donor with Extraordinary Conceptions, get in touch with our team today! We can’t wait to support you in this exciting and beautiful journey. 

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We’re Honored to be Part of Your Journey!

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