Every year, thousands of babies are born to grateful families through the helping hands of an egg donor.  Families choose to work with egg donors for all sorts of reasons—many struggle with infertility, while others (like LGBT+ couples) don’t have the anatomy to reproduce without assistance. Regardless of the reason for choosing an egg donor, these families all have one major thing in common: they deeply want to bring a child into their lives. That’s where you, a potential egg donor, comes in.

Egg donors are an integral part of many family’s fertility journeys. These amazing women undergo a retrieval procedure to harvest their own eggs for another family to use. These eggs are then implanted into either the Intended Mother or a gestational surrogate for fertilization.

Is Egg Donation Right for Me?

If you would like to help another family bring a child into their world through egg donation, you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we support families, surrogates, and egg donors through every step of their journey, from application to birth. We would love to help guide you through this exciting and special time as an egg donor.

Before you get started, it’s helpful to review the general egg donor US requirements to see if you are eligible. Once you’ve confirmed eligibility, you can begin your application and match with a family! It’s important to note that while being an egg donor is rewarding and special for many women, it is also a massive physical and emotional commitment. Because of this, we firmly believe that women considering it must properly research and consider whether it’s the best choice for them. While there are many egg donor benefits, it is not right for everybody.

If you are undecided, read on. We’ve compiled a basic list of egg donation pros and cons for you to review. It might help clarify your decision—and if you have any specific questions, simply reach out to our team.

Egg Donation Pros

  1. You Make a Difference

    Folks who struggle with infertility often suffer emotionally as a result. It can be very painful to deeply want children and be biologically unable to do so. By becoming an egg donor, you will help make a family’s dreams come true and bring all of that pain and struggle to a close. It is an incredibly rewarding gift to give another family, and most egg donors carry that joy with them for their whole lives.

  2. You Get Paid (A Lot!)

    In the US, all egg donors receive hefty compensation for their contribution. These compensation packages typically start at around $6,000. Aside from this payment, egg donors also receive comprehensive reimbursement for all of their donation related expenses.

  3. You (Potentially) Get to Travel

    Many egg donors travel to other states for their retrieval procedure. At Extraordinary Conceptions, all of the travel costs for our donors are covered, as well as their chosen travel companion.

  4. You Can Develop Long Lasting Relationships

    In some cases, egg donors develop a friendship with their intended parents, and stay close with the family as the child grows. It is a very special relationship that many egg donors cherish.

  5. You’ll Learn About Yourself

    Becoming an egg donor will teach you loads about yourself! Creating a database profile and interviewing with families will present an opportunity to think about who you are and how you define yourself. You’ll also learn quite a bit about your physical and mental health: all donors undergo extensive (and fully paid) medical and psychological screening ahead of their cycle.

Egg Donation Cons

  1. It’s a Complex Process

    The egg donation process is rather involved: donors will undergo extensive screening, take daily injectable medications, and be closely monitored by doctors. For some donors, this is overwhelming.

  2. It Can be Emotionally Challenging

    While egg donation is a rewarding and wonderful gift, it can be complex. After your donation, there will be a child in the world who is biologically related to you, but not your family. While this is okay for many, some find it too emotionally complicated to proceed.

  3. Experience the Benefits of Egg Donation with Extraordinary Conceptions

    At Extraordinary Conceptions,we understand what a special and exciting time is ahead of you, and we will be here to offer everything you need, from help matching a family to providing emotional support whenever needed. The egg donor process with Extraordinary Conceptions has been developed with your comfort and needs in mind—get in touch with our team today to learn more.