Here’s What We Learned About Celebrity Surrogacy

The recent birth announcement in the Kardashian West family raises awareness about third-party reproduction and celebrity surrogacy.

Just last week the Kardashiapin West family announced the birth of their daughter via surrogacy. While there was more awareness about third-party reproduction, here’s what we learned about celebrity surrogacy.


Was it important to keep the identity of the surrogate a secret?

Yes, it was. Privacy for a surrogate carrying for a high-profile couple is incredibly important. When news came out about the Kardashian West surrogacy, it lit up the media headlines.

The surrogate for the power couple is a person living a normal, everyday life without limelight and security. When there is so much media attention, there is a risk of revealing her identity. If this happens, it upturns her life and that of her family.

Many surrogacy agencies only accept surrogate applicants who have had children. Also, one child must still live with the applicant. If the media released Kardashian’s surrogate, her private life and that of her children would have been at risk.

Luckily, she stayed safe.


Here’s What We Learned About Celebrity Surrogacy

Is the process of picking a surrogate at an agency different for a celebrity?

There is none. Be it a celebrity surrogacy or not, the process of picking a surrogate is the same as an agency.  In fact, it still takes time and patience.

Surrogates who pass the initial phase of screening are on an agency’s secure database. Intending parents gain access to this and scan through it.

An agency coordinator will also know what intending parents are looking for in a surrogate. With this information, they can help navigate them to a smaller selection of gestational carriers which best fits their needs and wishes.

From there, surrogates and intending parents will connect to see if all are comfortable in moving forward with the arrangements. Celebrities may choose to keep their identities anonymous and prefer not to meet in person but instead by phone.


Here’s What We Learned About Celebrity Surrogacy

Why can’t a surrogate for a celebrity receive more money?

In a surrogacy arrangement, amounts for services are already set.  According to legal professionals, paying a gestational carrier more money could also be viewed as coercion.

Again, it’s a fixed price with reputable agencies based in the United States compensating first-time surrogates from $40,000 to $45,000.


Here’s What We Learned About Celebrity Surrogacy

Can celebrities give their surrogates gifts?

Absolutely. A celebrity or not, an intending parent can give their surrogate a gift after their delivery. Surrogacy is an incredible journey. Without these women, so many people would be unable to have a baby.

Some intending parents gift vacations, vehicles, and much more.

During the pregnancy, intending parents may want to make things easier for their surrogates such as provide housekeeping services or organic meals from a chef service.

However, surrogates will agree that they didn’t go into the arrangements for the money or potential gifts. They did it to pay it forward.