As the last few months have unfolded, we’ve heard the phrase “unprecedented times” numerous times. For families undergoing surrogacy, or for women preparing to carry a baby for intended parents, this phrase might feel doubly true. After all, embarking on an emotional and milestone journey such as surrogacy is already a first-time event for many. When combined with the stress and uncertainty stemming from the global spread of COVID-19, it’s unsurprising to find that many people will have questions and concerns about how to continue and prepare for their surrogacy journey, even if it’s been temporarily postponed.

To help you stay prepared and confident ahead of your upcoming journey, we’ve compiled a detailed surrogacy checklist for both intended parents and surrogates. We recommend that anybody embarking on this journey has a look at their specific checklist: surrogate, parents, and anybody else who will be involved.

COVID-19 Surrogacy Checklist: Intended Parents

  • SAVE on Your Agency Fees

We are proud to have been helping families and surrogates through their fertility journeys for 15 years! To celebrate our big anniversary, we decided to offer our families something special, by offering our intended parents a discounted agency fee. We’d like to support you in any way possible, and this is one of the ways we are doing so.

  • Complete Your IVF Consultation(s)

This can be done remotely— no need to go anywhere!

  • Register as an Intended Parent

This can be done on the Extraordinary Conceptions website.

  • Undergo a Surrogacy Consultation

You will have your own coordinator to work with remotely.

  • Decide on Your Egg Donor

If you will be working with an egg donor, you can use our website to browse and select from our large database.

  • Review Gestational Carriers

You can view profiles of potential carriers on our website.

  • Begin Checking Records

Once you’ve chosen your surrogate and/or egg donor, your IVF clinic can begin to review their medical records.

  • Use At-Home Testing

Some intended parents will undergo testing before embarking on their fertility journey. This can be done at home, with provided kits.

  • Find Your Match

You will await a medical screening date once you’ve officially been matched with a surrogate and/or donor.

  • Proceed with Your Psych Evaluation

This can be done remotely.

  • Proceed with Your Legal Contract

Whenever our intended parents and surrogates work together, legal teams are always involved. This is to protect everybody, and both parties will have their own attorney, and a legal contract will be written up. As this needs to be signed and completed before proceeding with your surrogacy cycle, your legal contract can be done while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

COVID-19 Surrogacy Checklist: Surrogates

  • Apply to be a Surrogate

In order to be a gestational carrier, you need to submit an application. This can be done on the Extraordinary Conceptions website.

  • Create a Profile

Somewhere, there is a set of intended parents who are looking for someone just like you to carry their baby and make their dreams come true. To make sure that they find you, create your own profile on our website. This is your chance for families to get to know you. Be yourself, and give as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing— intended parents want to get to know their potential surrogates. You will also be able to view their profiles, so it’s a mutual decision.

  • Say “Cheese”

All of our surrogate profiles will include 6-10 photographs. We’d recommend getting lots of natural light and keep the use of filters to a minimum. Also include some photos of yourself with your own children, if you feel comfortable doing so. Most intended parents love to see how their future surrogate is with her own little ones!

  • Schedule Your Interview

Your interview will be done whenever it works for you, and it is possible to conduct remotely.

  • Nail Your Interview!

Great job—you’re well on your way to becoming a surrogate.

  • Complete Your Required Documents

Before you can be matched with your intended parents and proceed with your surrogacy journey, it’s important that you fill out and send us any requested documents.

  • Find Your Match!

You’re all set! Time to find your intended parents. We’re excited for you…and grateful, too.

Since 2005, the team at Extraordinary Conceptions has worked with tireless compassion to help as many families as possible bring a little one into their world. Though we didn’t expect our 15th anniversary year to be such a hectic one, we are proud that our fertility centers have been able to bring stability and hope to many intended families during a turbulent time. We are here to support all intended parents, surrogates, and donors with any needs they may have as they navigate the application and preparation process of their fertility journey, even while lockdown laws have postponed certain steps. Whatever you need, we’re here to assist you— please email [email protected] for any more information. We’ll get back to you ASAP.