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Why Extraordinary Conceptions

Extraordinary Conceptions is a multi-lingual and an international agency that matches egg donors and
surrogates with couples or individuals all over the world who need help building their families.

Extraordinary Conceptions is returning to Europe, September 13-20, 2014, with conferences to be held in Milan, Bologna and Geneva

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Extraordinary Conceptions is a proud member of the leading organizations in reproductive health. We are
have been featured by numerous reputable news outlets and in press articles.


Extraordinary Conceptions

We help families conceive with the help of others.

At Extraordinary Conceptions we believe in helping our future parents, egg donors and surrogates through every step of the process. We understand that having a family through egg donation or surrogacy can be a delicate matter so the privacy of all parties is preserved and held in the strictest confidence. Extraordinary Conceptions approaches all aspects of fertility with sensitivity, respect and dignity and is committed to the success of our clients. Extraordinary Conceptions is an international agency that matches egg donors and surrogates to couples or individuals who need help building their families. We are proud of what we do and our committed to helping would-be parents achieve their dream of parenthood.

Team Picture

Stephanie Caballero is the founder of Extraordinary Conceptions. Her long struggle with infertility included more than 10 artificial inseminations (IUIs), three surgeries, three miscarriages, and 13 IVF procedures before finally realizing her dream when her cousin carried her twins. She is an attorney who has devoted her practice to Surrogacy, Egg Donation and Adoption law and she brings a wealth of valuable experience.