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Surrogacy Overview

To become a Surrogate you must be:

  • Females between the ages of 21-39 who are healthy with regular menstrual cycles. Up to age 40 will be considered for Repeat Surrogates.
  • Surrogates in our program must be a parent themselves who have had a least 1 successful, live birth with no complications.
  • Non-smokers and Non-drug users with BMI below 32.
  • Must not currently be receiving government financial assistance. Must be financially stable. (This excludes dependents)
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or have valid Permanent Residency status. Must have valid driver’s license or state issued ID. Must have reliable transportation.
  • Surrogate applicants and spouses cannot have any prior felonies.
  • Cannot currently be on medications for mental illness (anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, etc.) No history of Bi-polar disorder, Schizophrenia or personality disorders.
  • Please note that these requirements were created to comply with ASRM guidelines, the IVF doctors and attorneys that we work with. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us directly at (760) 438-2265.

Personal experience with surrogacy

The founder of Extraordinary Conceptions understands the absolute joy a Surrogate gives when she carries and gives birth to the Future Parents’ child because her twins were born through surrogacy after an 8-year struggle with infertility. Because of this, Extraordinary Conceptions strongly believes in supporting Surrogates during each step of the process. Our team of professionals will guide you through the entire journey while providing consistent, personal support for you and your intended parents. Our first goal is to provide you with information about our surrogacy program and to understand your expectations of the surrogacy process. We will carefully match you with intended parents who desire the same experiences you do.

Rewarding experience

The surrogacy process is a happy, joyful and rewarding experience that is built on mutual respect, friendship and teamwork. We are excited that you are considering becoming a Surrogate and helping to make dreams come true for Future Parents. We are looking for women who are giving and who have had positive pregnancies and birth experiences. We need Surrogates who are physically and emotionally healthy, who don’t use drugs or smoke and who don’t abuse alcohol.

Types of surrogacy

The most common type of surrogacy is Gestational, where the eggs are harvested from the Intended Mother or an egg donor, are fertilized with the prospective father’s sperm or a sperm donor, and then transferred to the surrogate’s womb. Less common is Traditional Surrogacy, where the Surrogate uses her own eggs and is most likely artificially inseminated with the prospective father’s sperm.

We’re here to help

There are many more aspects to the process of Surrogacy in addition to those outlined above, such as financial compensation and reimbursement, health and life insurance, travel and others. Our role is to oversee all aspects of the process and make sure our surrogates receive what they need. We are here for you through every step of the process.