The journey to parenthood is a deeply personal experience, marked by hope, determination, and boundless love. While this journey is exciting, it is a life-changing one, and it can be overwhelming for all involved. For those who seek affordable surrogacy options, Extraordinary Conceptions stands as a guiding light with four options for intended parents to choose from. In this blog we will explore these four remarkable programs, each tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of hopeful parents.

Worldwide Surrogacy Programs

With affordability and accessibility in mind, Extraordinary Conceptions is proud to offer intended parents four programs to choose from:

USA: This program offers a comprehensive and reassuring pathway for intended parents seeking a seamless and supportive experience using surrogates who live within the United States. Our surrogacy department coordinators work closely with legal experts who navigate the intricacies of United States laws and regulations, ensuring a secure and transparent process for intended parents.

Hybrid: We understand that the laws in several countries don’t allow surrogacy and/or the wait time for a surrogate is long and unpredictable. With these challenges in mind, we developed the Hybrid Surrogacy Program. This program allows our international clients to undergo IVF with their own eggs or an egg donor, closer to home, with little to no wait for a surrogate match. All of our surrogates in the Hybrid program reside in the USA. We have partnered with IVF clinics in Canada, the UK, and other locations across Europe where your surrogate will travel to for her embryo transfer. Afterwards, she will return home to continue her pregnancy and to give birth in the US state where she resides. 

What Happens If You Can’t Afford Surrogacy?

Surrogacy can be an expensive undertaking. Our two additional programs are an affordable option for intended parents who are hoping to keep their costs within a certain budget.

Canada: Our agency has been working with egg donors, surrogates and intended parents in Canada since we first opened our doors in 2005. Our Canadian representative is a former IVF nurse who is familiar with the top Canadian IVF clinics and physicians, their protocol and requirements, and is well-connected to the best Canadian attorneys who are experts in reproductive law in Canada. This, as well as our Mexico program, is an affordable surrogacy option for intended parents who are hoping to keep their costs under $100,000.

Mexico: Our agency has taken a leap into the future of surrogacy with our Mexico program. Our surrogacy program in Mexico provides intended parents with an accessible and affordable family building option for both national and international intended parents. We work with the best and most experienced legal team to ensure there are no obstacles for a safe return home with your baby. Mexico’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with Extraordinary Conceptions’ expertise, creates a harmonious blend of medical excellence and compassionate support. The focus of this program is to provide affordable yet high-quality care using surrogates who live in Mexico and meet our IVF clinic partners’ high expectations for health and delivery history. This is our most affordable option for intended parents seeking a surrogate. 

For Us, Surrogacy is a Personal Passion

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we have lived the experience with fertility treatments and understand the desire to build and grow your family. Our founders, Mario and Stephanie Caballero, are proud parents of now-adult twins, all thanks to the wonders of surrogacy. Their long struggle with infertility and eventual surrogacy inspired them to open the doors of Extraordinary Conceptions. This level of understanding allows our intended parents to rest assured that we will approach every aspect of your fertility and parenting journey with respect, dignity, and care. Their personal experience inspired Mario to create multiple programs and options that make the dream of having a family a reality.

We are here to support you, and are honored to be a part of your journey.