Wondering how to find an egg donor?

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we’ve been helping families navigate every aspect of the fertility and family-building process, like matching with an egg donor (or surrogate,) for nearly 20 years. We can help ensure that you find an egg donor who suits your family’s unique needs, however specific or complex they may be. We understand what a massive and personal decision it is to find the right egg donor, and we will do everything possible to support you as you make this choice.

If you’re ready to start on your search for an egg donor, read on. In this article, we will discuss some important things to consider while selecting an egg donor. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team.

How Do I Make Such a Huge Decision?

Many intended parents feel anxiety over choosing their egg donor; after all, it’s a long lasting decision which impacts you and your future childs’ lives. This is why most families choose to work with dedicated egg donor agencies to make this decision. Fertility agencies like ours have all the resources a family needs to carefully select an egg donor (or surrogate.)  A reputable egg donor agency like Extraordinary Conceptions will offer families:

Our Exclusive Egg Donor Database

Intended Parents who work with us have constant remote access to our egg donor database. The donors on this database have been carefully vetted by our team to ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements to donate their eggs.

Legal and Reproductive Resources

Having a baby through egg donation requires professional help. You will need legal representation and a dedicated IVF doctor to proceed with your egg donation process. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we have connections to great attorneys and IVF clinicians across the country, and we are happy to put you in touch.

Multilingual Staff

Our families and donors come from all over the world and speak hundreds of languages—why shouldn’t our staff? Our multilingual team ensures that every Parent and donor feels heard and receives support in the language they understand best.

Protective Programs

Our Stress-Free and S.A.F.E programs were designed to protect Intended Parents. We don’t want you paying in full for services until you are satisfied with your donor choice.

What Should Families Consider When Choosing a Donor?

There are many crucial factors to consider when searching for the right egg donor. At Extraordinary Conceptions, we encourage intended parents to consider the following questions:

Do You Want a Continuing Relationship With Your Donor?

There are two types of egg donations: anonymous or known. With a known donation, you will know the identity of your donor. In some cases, known donors remain friends with her Intended Parents and their baby for years to come. An anonymous donation is exactly that: you will not know the named identity of your egg donor.

Do You Want to Share Certain Traits With Your Baby?

Many Intended Parents want their baby to have the same cultural background, physical traits, or personality type as their biological families. If this is true for you, it’s important to be clear on what those needs are. You will be able to find donor profiles who share these traits on our database.

Do You Prefer an Experienced Donor?

Some families prefer the reassurance of working with an egg donor who has completed this process before. That’s easy at Extraordinary Conceptions— plenty of our donors return to donate with us time and time again!

What Happens if my Egg Donation Cycle is Unsuccessful?

We are here to help families achieve their dreams of having a baby— we’re not in it for the money! That’s why we developed our S.A.F.E program. S.A.F.E stands for Single Agency Fee Experience, and it means that our intended parents only pay one fee in most cases to work with us—no matter how many egg donation cycles or time it takes to be successful.

What are the Best Egg Donor Agencies Near Me?

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we serve the entire world! We can certainly make sure that all of your egg donor and fertility needs are met locally to you. In some cases, we can do our best to find a donor who is closer to your clinic to keep travel costs down.

Get in touch with our team today with any questions, or start your Intended Parent registration right here at your convenience!