Four Things An Egg Donor Should Know

Women thinking about becoming egg donors should research agencies before they apply.

Being an egg donor is personally and financially rewarding. Before committing to it, women should have the tools in what to look for in an egg donor agency.


The Internet Reliability Factor

Everyone can agree that the internet is the number one place to go when learning about becoming an egg donor. While the information can be helpful, potential donors need to figure out if what they are reading is strictly all marketing.

The first try in that internet search may not be so easy.

If an egg donor agency is supplying the content, make sure there is also relevant information that matters. Examples of this include the following:

  • What the application process is like
  • What the medical and psychological screening entails
  • How intending parents choose their donor
  • A basic understanding of the legal contracts
  • Medications leading up to the egg retrieval process

The best way to receive reliable information is having communication with an egg donor agency. Those questions will get answered.


Why A Reputable Agency Matters

Finding the best egg donor agency is one of the most important things a pre-applicant can do to ensure a successful experience. When an egg donor agency has been in business for a decade or more, that shows they have a track record. They are part of the industry.

There are many egg donor agencies out there so it’s essential to find the perfect match.


Are The IVF Experts Working With The Agency?

Is an IVF specialist working with a specific agency? At first, someone may think this is not a significant question to ask. But if you start thinking about this issue, it is really important. If IVF clinics use an agency’s donor database, this a great sign. It means an egg donor agency is top notch.

Leading agencies will attract experts in fertility such as clinics and IVF doctors specializing in reproductive endocrinology. Again, this means the donor database at this organization is excellent. It is good news for both intending parents and their donors.


What To Look For In Reviews

If an egg donor agency has been in business for many years, there is likely to be many reviews. While there may be a ton of positive reviews, there may also be a handful of negative ones. Be sure to go through those negative reviews carefully. Check and see if there is anything in common with them. Did the agency respond to those negative remarks? If so, how was their response?

Reputable agencies will also have former donors who work at their company. If that’s the case, go ahead and inquire if at some point they would be available for questions.

Agencies may also have reviews on hand to read. Some of those reviews can be incredibly moving.

“I can’t help but feel that I have lived a purposeful life at an early age by helping to give the gift of life.  I hope you all know and also understand that what you do is meaningful and purposeful beyond measure,” one donor wrote to her California egg donor agency.

Locating reviews like this reveals the quality of an agency.