When a doctor tells a woman, “You have breast cancer,” so many uncertainties and fears run through her mind. While getting scheduled for surgery, a wave of appointments to meet with an oncologist, radiologist, and plastic surgeon if reconstruction is involved is overwhelming.

Initially, breast cancer patients are in a fog.

While this blinding mist begins to lift, younger women may have another thing to consider: infertility.  Undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer may have the ability to cause sterility.

Because of this, before chemotherapy, some women are deciding to freeze their eggs for “fertility preservation.”

Following the surgery and cancer treatments, menstrual cycles may return to normal, but for others, they may not.  Additionally, a part of their unforeseen treatment may have been an oophorectomy, where her ovaries were removed.  

It is these breast cancer survivors, who may decide to undergo IVF.

While some women may achieve pregnancy through IVF, there are others who sadly encounter failed attempts.

And this is when surrogate mothers are bringing miracles to breast cancer survivors who went through fertility preservation.

Surrogate mothers, a passionate group of ladies, cannot imagine women not being afforded the opportunity to become mothers.  And when they hear how a woman has “fought the cancer fight,” and is unable to move forward in her life without motherhood, it pulls on everyone’s heartstrings, especially a surrogate.

Surrogates are providing these breast cancer survivors with a priceless gift – the gift of a baby and the ability to love their own child.

While hope carries a breast cancer patient toward being a breast cancer survivor, a surrogate mother carries a breast cancer survivor toward her dreams of being a mother.

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