Egg Donor Questions to Ask

A potential egg donor needs to be armed with the right questions when looking for an agency.

If you are looking for information about becoming an egg donor, it’s easy to find an almost overwhelming amount of information regarding the process, compensation and the agencies you can register with. With so much information available in your search results, it may be difficult to determine what exactly you need to know and better yet, what questions you should ask the agency or agencies you are considering before applying.

Becoming an egg donor is one of the most incredible and meaningful decisions a woman can make. She has the ability to help individuals and couples struggling from infertility finally reach their finish line of hope: parenthood.

While a potential egg donor can make an extraordinary contribution to intending parents, in the same breath, she needs to be armed with the right questions and knowledge when looking for an egg donor agency.

There are specific egg donor questions to ask an agency to make certain that they offer a program which fits impeccable standards. The individual at the agency which will more than likely assist an applicant will hold the title of a donor coordinator. A coordinator will point out that most donors should range between the ages of 18 to 29 and have a BMI of 30 or lower. And of course, there are other questions to ask such as the following:

  • How many years has your agency been in business? (*Locate an established egg donor agency which has been in the industry for a decade or more.)
  • If I become a donor candidate, what type of information will be on my secure database profile? (*A profile consists of a person’s special and unique characteristics.)
  • If travel is required to become an egg donor, do I pay for these expenses? (*Reputable agencies will pay for travel in advance for the donor.)
  • If travel is required, can I bring a companion and are their expenses paid for? (*Reputable agencies will also pay for a travel companion during the egg retrieval process.)
  • What types of medical and psychological screenings will I have to go through to become an egg donor? (*Donor coordinators will explain these screenings in detail.)
  • How many egg donors a year do you match up with intending parents? (*The higher the number, the more established an agency.)
  • Can you explain the medical injections I need to have and what I can expect from the egg retrieval? (*A donor coordinator will provide all the information a woman needs regarding injections and retrieval in her early decision-making process)

You may find that these questions

Another important item never to be overlooked is to read the testimonials of women who have been egg donors. By reading the stories of past donors and parents, you can better feel of the agency and make sure that you are comfortable with their policies and procedures. Top-notch agencies want to share this information such as the following:

“I’d like to express the overwhelming sense of satisfaction I feel after my experience with my most recent donation cycle through your agency! A huge thanks to everyone at Extraordinary Conceptions for being so compassionate and professional,” a donor wrote. She added, “The level of communication between your team and myself was fantastic, any questions or concerns I had were answered immediately. It was an absolute pleasure to donate with you and I would be honored to help another couple fulfill their lifelong dream of starting a family.”

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