/Why Single Men Are Thinking About Surrogacy

Why Single Men Are Thinking About Surrogacy

Why Single Men Are Thinking About Surrogacy

Some single men are thinking about surrogacy to build their families before they find a life partner.

The idea of starting a family through surrogacy without a partner is becoming more mainstream. Here’s why single men are thinking about surrogacy and taking matters into their own hands.


A Dad in The Spotlight

Assisted reproduction technology makes it possible for single men to become fathers. One such dad was in Parenting.com. In the article, Matt Morgan, 41, who is a physician and lives in Texas, shares how surrogacy was an option for him. In fact, his view is a common reason why single men are thinking about surrogacy.

At 38 years of age, and following a breakup, he decided to move forward.

“I’ve never been a high energy person,” Morgan told Parenting.com “Energy declines with age. You need the energy to take proper care of children. It was a rational consideration that I made. I felt I just couldn’t keep waiting.”

Two surrogates helped Morgan. One carried his son, and the other delivered his daughter. Now, the siblings are 14 months apart in age.


Why Single Men Are Thinking About Surrogacy

Patience and Time

Men who decide on surrogacy and egg donation have the financial means. Still, patience is needed because the selection process for a gestational carrier and egg donor takes time.

Additionally, most surrogacy agencies only take part in gestational surrogacy – the embryo has no genetic ties to the surrogate.

As well, egg donor candidates are between 18 to 29 years of age. This age group responds best to fertility treatments for the egg retrieval procedure.

Intending fathers are always advised to take their time choosing an egg donor. Cases like this may involve finding a certain ethnicity or educational background. A top egg donor agency will medically and psychologically screen donors, provide in-depth backgrounds, and donor photos at different ages.

Legal contracts must be in place so the intending father has the right of parentage.  Remember, surrogacy is a financial and emotional investment.


Why Single Men Are Thinking About Surrogacy

The Process of Finding a Surrogate

Many agencies offer both surrogacy and egg donation. Also, companies provide intending parents with access to a secure database of candidates to view profiles.

An agency which offers both helps streamline the surrogacy arrangement.

Like egg donors, potential surrogates go through a medical and psychological screening. In addition, gestational carriers have uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries. Surrogates must have a family and at least one child living with her.

These ladies range in age from 19 to 42. They must be healthy and financially stable.

As mentioned earlier, agencies only accept gestational surrogates.  Companies do not use traditional surrogates who have a biological relationship to the baby.

Why Single Men Are Thinking About Surrogacy

A New Way to Build a Family

There are various ways to build a family. Surrogacy is one of them and it’s not a trend. Instead, it’s another option for individuals to build a family. People turn to surrogacy for medical reasons and sexual orientation. Now single men realize how surrogacy can make their parenthood dreams come true.

That’s not to say that they won’t find a lifelong partner in the future. These men are rearranging their goals and having their children first.