Surrogacy in the USA

In the USA women choose to be surrogate mothers.

Over the last few years, surrogacy options for agencies overseas have declined. Laws in Thailand, Nepal, and Mexico, where commercial surrogacy was high in demand, have now banned foreigners from seeking surrogacy in these countries.

It has been a trying time for many individuals and couples wanting to build their families through surrogacy. Countless intending parents were entangled in legal limbo when commercial surrogacy was mandated as forbidden in these countries – scores were in the midst of waiting for their surrogates to give birth to their babies after such a legal declaration.

Another emerging concern was the care and consideration for surrogates in these countries. Worries mounted over the exploitation of these women. Currently, government officials in India are underway in an effort to craft legislature to ban commercial surrogacy to a majority of foreigners for these very same reasons.

While agencies overseas continue to close their doors to commercial surrogacy, the USA provides an attractive locale to intending parents and surrogates who live in surrogacy-friendly states.

Historically, these women have encountered healthy pregnancies, enjoy being pregnant, and want to help someone build a family that couldn’t do so without the assistance of third-party reproduction.

Women in the USA consent to becoming surrogates, have legal representation, have support from their agency and families, and independently make the decision to move forward in the process. However, just because a woman wants to become a surrogate doesn’t mean that she can.

According to Extraordinary Conceptions, a leading international agency based in California, only 10% of their applicants move on to becoming a surrogate following a rigorous screening protocol.

While laws differ in the USA regarding surrogacy, states such as California, Nevada, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut allow commercial surrogacy. Considered the golden states for gestational surrogacy, women who carry a baby for intending parents are generously compensated with benefit packages beginning at $40,000.

Babies born in the USA are granted citizenship and the names of the intending parents are on the birth certificate.

These surrogacy-friendly states support the building of families via third-party reproduction. And the surrogates who step forward are helping make parenthood dreams come true for individuals and couples all over the world one day at a time.