The start of a surrogate pregnancy is such an exciting time! Many future parents are in awe of the gift that their surrogate is giving them and wish to find some way that they can reciprocate with a gift that shows just how grateful they are. While it is definitely not required or expected, many parents find a lot of joy in picking out a special gift for the woman who is helping to build their family.

When is the best time to give such a gift? Well, delivery day is a popular time, but there are many other opportunities as well. Some future parents give their surrogate a gift at transfer day, on discharge from the fertility center, at the 20-week ultrasound, or on occasions such as her birthday or during the holidays.

If you’re thinking about getting your surrogate a gift, check out this guide to thoughtful surrogate gift ideas.

Surrogate Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas for holiday, thank you, or ‘just because’ gifts for your surrogate:


Jewelry, especially something personalized, can be such a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your surrogate. Rather than just picking something out, try finding a piece that is symbolic of your journey together. Some ideas: a necklace or ring with both her birthstone and that of the baby she is carrying, a meaningful charm for her charm bracelet, or a piece with the baby’s name and birth date inscribed into it.

Spa day

Let’s face it – pregnancy can be tough on the body! Add in stress from work or school and managing her family, and a day to just kick up her feet and relax will be incredibly welcome. Make sure to find a place that caters to pregnant women so that they don’t use oils or acupressure that could be dangerous to the pregnancy.


Planning a fun pregnancy photoshoot is a great way to commemorate the experience for both of you! In addition to the fun of dressing up and taking pictures, you’ll both treasure the pictures that come for years to come.

Homemade gifts

The internet makes it so easy to find and create personalized gifts. You can find anything from mugs to t-shirts to graphic prints to hang on her wall. Searching for surrogate gift ideas online brings up so many ideas for different personalized and thoughtful gifts.

Gifts for her children

A surrogate’s family and children are along on this journey as well, and taking a few moments to think about and purchase a small gift for her children is so thoughtful! Depending on their age, a small stuffed animal or toy will help the child feel involved and appreciated.

Surrogate Care Packages

A surrogate care package can make a great gift during her embryo transfer, at any point during the pregnancy or even right after delivery. These care packages can include items that will make her time on bed rest after the transfer or after delivery much easier. Need a few ideas? Here are some suggestions:

  •           Comfy slippers
  •           Books or magazines
  •           Deck of cards or other board game she can play
  •           Puzzle or coloring book and crayons
  •           A special journal or scrapbook
  •           Gel eye mask
  •           Hand or body lotion in a gentle or calming scent
  •           Sea-bands, ginger candies or other things to help with morning sickness
  •           Warm blanket
  •           Herbal teas
  •           Chocolate or other sweet treats

You can also throw in gift cards to a local restaurant, movie theater or another place for a family outing. If you know that she has a specific interest, you can make a surrogate care package that caters to what she likes. For example, a surrogate who enjoys gardening might like a special pot with flowers, seeds, or other tools for her garden.

While your surrogate isn’t expecting, or even wanting a gift, she will appreciate the time you took to think about her and her family. For more ideas, check in with your surrogacy case manager!