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While October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it prompts women to care for their breast care health through education and dialogue. Detecting breast cancer in its early stages remains the ultimate goal.

However, the treatment of breast cancer through chemotherapy, radiation, and oral medication may trigger infertility in some patients. If this occurs, it’s important for breast cancer survivors to remember there are different pathways to help fulfill motherhood dreams through egg donation and surrogacy.

Before cancer treatments, women do have the option to freeze their eggs if they want to have children in the future. The reason behind this consideration is chemotherapy variations may cause infertility.

For younger women, another adjunct therapy following chemotherapy and radiation may be an oral medication. Typically, oral anti-cancer daily medication is recommended for five years.

Some women may have few side effects from this daily dose. However, others may be faced with increased infertility issues such as endometrial changes, or in rare instances, endometrial cancer.

While a woman empowers herself to fight breast cancer, she must also harness the strength in realizing if she is unable to carry a baby, a compassionate surrogate is there to help.

Surrogate mothers are an incredible group of women whose dedication and empathy help breast cancer survivors. For surrogates, being able to help a woman who battled cancer finally have the baby she dreamt of cradling in her arms is an absolute honor.

Infertility is a disease which affects millions of people, and those numbers climb higher, when infertility is caused by treating a disease such as cancer.

The impact that surrogates have to help breast cancer survivors who face infertility is utterly profound.

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