5 Reasons to Become A Surrogate in 2018

Women ready to become a surrogate in 2018 will help individuals and couples waiting to become parents.

Did you want to become a surrogate last year but didn’t apply? Well, it’s a new year with new opportunities.  Here are the five reasons why you should submit an application in 2018.


Paying It Forward

Women who decide to become surrogates do it for their personal reasons. They want to help someone have a baby.

Future parents need a surrogate for a variety of reasons which may range from medical issues to sexual orientation. For whatever reason, intending parents cannot have a baby without the help of a surrogate.

Surrogacy agencies only consider applicants who are already mothers. These women had no complications during their pregnancies and had smooth deliveries. They cannot imagine a life without children. It’s for this very reason they want to pay it forward and help others achieve a family.


5 Reasons to Become A Surrogate in 2018

The Joy of Pregnancy

Surrogacy is for women who love being pregnant. They had easy pregnancies when they carried their children. Some moms describe pregnancy as total bliss. It’s because of this they miss being pregnant.

When a woman is done building her family, she may consider that being a surrogate is right for her. In fact, so many women love the experience that they become a repeat surrogate.


5 Reasons to Become A Surrogate in 2018

Surrogates Help Their Own Families

Many gestational carriers agree that they didn’t enter into a surrogacy arrangement just for the money. It was all about making parenthood dreams come true for someone else. However, the financial rewards they did receive for making a 10-month commitment were significant. Most surrogates are compensated $40,000 and up. In California, a highly surrogate-friendly state, compensation can start at $45,000.

Jennifer A., a two-time surrogate for Extraordinary Conceptions, shared how her surrogacies offered financial security.

“On my second surrogacy journey, we were able to buy our first home,” Jennifer said.

The extra money can also help surrogates purchase a car or even jumpstart a financial portfolio.  Surrogacy enables a woman to help others create a family while financially supporting her own.


5 Reasons to Become A Surrogate in 2018

An Unforgettable Experience

Women who went through a surrogacy journey, and even more so a repeat surrogate, will share how the experience was amazing. Their intending parents were so appreciative of the sacrifices they made so that they could experience the love of a child.

On delivery day, surrogates agree that the most memorable thing was seeing their intending parents hold their baby for the very first time. For many, they decided to become a surrogate one more time after that incredible sight.

While each surrogacy journey is different, some surrogates and their intending parents continue to keep in touch even after the delivery.


5 Reasons to Become A Surrogate in 2018

The Surrogacy Connection

At top surrogacy agencies, surrogates have the opportunity to take part in groups such as Virtual Monthly Meetups. They have the chance to communicate and create bonds. Surrogacy sisterhood builds lifelong friendships.