There are both challenging and positive things about surrogacy for any prospective parents or carriers to consider. If you’re deciding whether it is right for your family to start this journey, it helps to use a surrogacy pros and cons list. 

If you are considering working with a surrogate to bring a baby into your life, or you’re keen on giving that incredible gift to another family, there are lots of elements to consider. After all, the decision to build a family or carry a child through surrogacy is a large one.

When making any sort of big decision, it can be helpful to make a list of pros and cons. If you are currently weighing surrogacy as an option, we recommend you sit down with your partner or a trusted loved one, and go over our surrogacy pros and cons list. Feel free to add any additional points that you come up with, as well— the more thorough you are, the better. Discuss the various pros and cons to help you understand your feelings about everything before proceeding. Of course, our team is also always here to lend an ear and give advice as well!


Surrogacy Pros and Cons: Intended Parent(s)

Pros of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

  1. It Will Build Your Family – This isn’t only a pro, but the reason for surrogacy in the first place! Not all parents are able to carry a baby on their own. However, with fertility treatments and procedures like surrogacy, it’s entirely possible to bring a new life into your family.
  2. Surrogacy Allows for a Genetic Tie – Many parents gravitate towards the surrogate option because of a major factor: it allows for their child to be a genetic relative. Though this isn’t always an option— some parents also use sperm and egg donors— it is a definite draw for many.
  3. You’re Involved Every Step of the Way – With surrogacy, intended parents can communicate with their surrogate, attend doctors appointments, and be present for the birth. This is both a reassuring and exciting way to stay involved and makes for a smoother transition when baby arrives.
  4. The Process is Straightforward – At this point, surrogacy is a well-known and regarded option for family-building the pros have down to a science. There will be contracts to sign and attorneys to work with, all of which will protect both your family and your surrogate. It’s a very streamlined process, and your agency will be there to help you navigate it.
  5. It Works! The process of selecting a surrogate is extensive. Whoever you choose will be healthy and has already given birth to her own children before. This makes for a smoother experience with much higher rates of success!


Cons of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

  1. It Can Be Costly – Surrogacy is not free. There are many expenses to keep in mind when embarking on this journey, from legal fees to the cost of the actual IVF procedure, and everything in between. However, surrogacy agencies like Extraordinary Conceptions work with intended parents.
  2. The Logistics Can Be Overwhelming – Though the surrogacy process is well-organized, it can be overwhelming to some. Working with lawyers, medical professionals, and a surrogate herself can be a lot for some to take on. That’s why agencies like Extraordinary Conceptions are sure to provide resources for intended parents. We’re in your corner!
  3. There are Emotional Complexities – Fertility and family-planning is an emotional subject, and can bring all sorts of feelings to the forefront. During the course of your surrogacy journey, there might be emotionally complicated moments, conversations, and decisions to make.


Surrogacy Pros and Cons: Surrogate

Benefits of Being a Surrogate

  1. This Helps Another Family – The biggest reason for becoming a surrogate? You’ll be giving another family the most beautiful gift they’ve ever received— a chance to raise a child of their own, just like you have!
  2. Being a Surrogate is Emotionally Fulfilling – There are so many benefits of being a surrogate! The women who choose to play this role in another family’s life often marvel at the extreme emotional satisfaction they feel from helping another person. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling that stays with them long after the baby is born.
  3. It’s Bound to Open Your World Up – Many surrogates form quite a special bond with their intended parents. This connection often translates into lifelong friendships with the entire family.
  4. It Can Give You a Financial Boost – Many surrogates enjoy a financial perk to their journey: in the USA, you can receive benefit packages of up to $70,000. This is a great way to invest in your family— or treat yourself to something special after you’ve given birth, like a vacation!
  5. The Perks of Pregnancy – Many women who choose to be surrogates love being pregnant! Whether you love to marvel at the life growing inside of you, lean into your chocolatiest cravings, or happily let some high schooler give you their train seat, this time is for you!


Drawbacks to Being a Surrogate

    1. It is a Big Time Commitment – When you choose to be a surrogate, you are also deciding to invest a significant portion of your time. We aren’t only referring to the nine months of your actual pregnancy.  Between the preparatory medications, doctors visits, tests and legal appointments leading up to the eventual IVF procedure, your schedule is about to be pretty booked.
    2. The Process is Physically Demanding – This is likely the biggest favor you’ve ever done for another person. Unlike driving someone to the airport or writing a check, carrying somebody’s baby is an enormous physical undertaking. You will not only go through another pregnancy and give birth, but you will also begin your journey by undergoing a series of medical tests and preporary procedures.
    3. Surrogacy Can Bring up Complicated Feelings – During pregnancy, it’s natural to feel a sense of bonding with the baby you are carrying. That can lead to some difficult emotions as you prepare to give birth and bring this child to their family. Extraordinary Conceptions offers their surrogates a number of resources to work through these feelings, like specialized counseling, and connections with other women in the same boat.


Whether you’re ready to build your own family or help another one make their dreams come true, your friends at Extraordinary Conceptions are here to walk you through the surrogacy process and provide a smooth experience. We are always available to support you through this exciting time. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll answer any questions you might have for us, and help you get started on the next chapter of your family life.